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M.Boe/C.Mog. v M.Ahsan/H.Setiawan |MD-F| Wang Lao Ji BWF World Champ. 2013 — 36 Comments

  1. skip to 03:36 (if u want to see the players walking in) and to 12:55 (if u want to go straight to the match)

    I watched this match like 3 times already & still got amused by how all 4 athletes played.  I would say the Indonesian players are too good for the Danes.  The champs understood each other & read the game so well.

  2. Wow the agility is amazing from the indos
    its like two leeyongdaes or even faster in pace!
    Btw is one of the danes using a voltric….cuz that would account hugely into the loss 🙁

  3. miss this victory moment! Make it another one, please! feel the victory 😍

  4. salah satu Olahraga yang mengharumkan nama Indonesia di dunia ya…Bulutangkis

  5. This match was so boring 😃. Fortunately, there was Muhammad Ahsan that minimize the boring level by fast movement and powerful smash.

  6. Bangga dan senang…dan lucu terharu saat angkat selebrasi memeluk dan setengah mengangkat ahsan hehehe…tetap semangat kawan…kita Indonesia adalah Bangsa perjuang Sejati.

  7. Mantap…

    Sebagai senior panutan berjaya di tahun 2013 masih bisa menunjukkan performa terbaik di 2019 lagi.

  8. I wish ahsan n hendra qualify for tokyo 2020 and win as a champion

  9. Sy br nonton malahan gegara ga da event badminton krn pandemi covid19.

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