Looking for doubles racket recommendation

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Hello everyone,

I often play badminton 3 to 4 times a week, I currently have an 88D Pro and mostly play doubles. My play style is towards smashing + drops and love to be at the back of the court.

What racket I’m looking for:

I’m searching for a secondary racket to try switch up the game a bit, as you all may know the 88D Pro is a very nice racket to smash with but the recovery time is poor compared to other rackets. I’m looking for a racket that’s similar to the 88D Pro (in some way) with faster maneuverability.

– Head heavy to balanced, no head light.
– Currently looking at Victor / Yonex but mostly Victor due to its interesting technology
– 4U weight
– Isometric shape (similar to the 88d pro)

Options I’ve considered:

Auraspeed 100x – I’ve considered this but I’ve heard so many horror stories of this racket breaking on itself (some sort of manufacturing defect?)

THRUSTER RYUGA II J – Same with the Auraspeed in terms of defect.

Arc 11 Pro – Balanced racket that’s slightly towards HH (compared to the Arc 7 pro).

Thruster f enhanced edition

Any thoughts?