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London 2012 Badminton: 8 Players Disqualified — 42 Comments

  1. I’d like to see more tho! :o) It must have been hilarious…unless you bought a ticket to the game.

  2. “In Britain, every town has a club” HAHAHAHA good one. We also have tea on tap.

  3. I’m assuming you’re from Italy, keep up the good work..oh wait..nevermind

  4. lmao @ your drama queen melodrama
    are you like the chinese version of a hippie

  5. I remembered when my family & I were watching it, I was like: “ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Even my school could do better than that.”

  6. unethical and unsportsmanlike? Yes. Cheating? Definitely not. The system is messed up

  7. The problem is the system, why we must win if we lose could get a medal

  8. how’s that unethical and unsportsmanlike? are 1500m runners all unsportsmanlike because they intentionally run slower. how dare they not to try giving their all to take the lead from the beginning.

  9. +howo357 – Not the same thing, to run slower in a race you’re not only conserving energy but being tactically astute, the difference here is that they’re essentially “scared” of whom they may face in the next round, if they can’t beat whomever they face they don’t deserve a medal, simple as that!

  10. +TheTradge so those runners are scared that they wouldnt have enough energy to beat others who have energy at the end? its exactly the same thing. the runners finish the first and second get gold and silver. the badminton teams finish in the finals get gold and silver. that’s their tactic just like runners tactics during the run.

  11. Do we ban pitchers for intentionally walking a hitter with runners on 2nd and 3rd? Do we ban a team when their qb takes a knee at the end of a game? Do we ban a team for intentionally fouling in basketball at the end of a game so they can get the ball back?
    These players are giving themselves the best chance to win the gold. If organizers don’t want this happening, do a better job of seeding the players. These players didn’t come to the olympics to lose, they just didn’t want to play a tougher match in the second round. How does it make any sense that you player an easier match if you lose?

  12. They were told halfway thru match… to play with 100% effort.
    They ignored official.
    Bye bye!

  13. Adam Hodgkinson agreed, rugby alone has practically cult following over here, and we also get very wound up over Wimbledon when that comes around!

  14. Pac Dmx they train their asses their whole life for this 4 year only event olympic. Olympic medals mean everything to athletes. If the system is suck, 1 stupid mtch to get gold is nothing i’d say

    Badminton is not like swimming, you can join 8 meets and get at least 1 gold. In badminton, you lose 1 game, c u in 4 years bruh, if youre still qualified btw.

  15. You think they train 4 years for this one event when in fact they earn their money and esteem from an international circuit off events the Olympics Is just a cherry on the cake of a career some players would not even miss it.

  16. @emlrob yeah, i thought uk news was bad. in america it seems they just make things up to sound more exciting.

  17. Davy Lau uh… maybe just come up with a new system where this kind of thing doesn’t happen?? The only way to make it fair is when people trying their hardest is to the best of their interest and this clearly was not. Would you work more hours if it meant you will actually get paid less? I don’t know if you’re just stupid or blind.

    You can’t be serious at blaming them. If you are then I don’t know what to say. It’s obviously the Olympic committee and the system that wronged all of these players from all of these countries and you have the audacity to stand on your high ground and say “uh just play your hardest”.

  18. @Margaret Ma Here’s the thing – There’s really nothing wrong with the “system”. The only reason this happened is because in an adjacent group, a pair from Denmark beat a pair from China. However, this Chinese pair ended up winning the Gold medal.

    Sometimes, strong teams have their off days. And there’s nothing you can do about it – If the teams that got disqualified here had perceived Denmark to be a bigger threat, they wouldn’t have thrown the match! But they still thought that the Chinese pair was stronger (their opinion, even though they lost to Denmark), which is why they threw the match.

    I guess one way to fix this is to have all the “final” group matches played at the exact same time. Therefore, no team will have a say in who they can face in the next round. If you think about it, the Danish pair that finished top of their group got the short end of the straw – Because they had an earlier match, they didn’t have a chance at “choosing” who they would face in the next round. But because these disqualified teams had a later match, they did get a chance to “choose” who to face.

  19. In each case you mention the acts are tactical in order to enhance the chance to win the match/game. In this case they were trying to loose the match. You can argue the point of them wanting to win the tournament so it’s the same but there is a distinction. With the former if you succeed no loss gets recorded when all is done and said because you are aiming to win. Throwing a whole game is not tactical its dishonest.

  20. @emlrob A cult following in a few small towns. Rugby is dead in most of England and Scotland. Tiny crowds and small TV viewing figures.

  21. @ Tj McKenzie , you are comparing international sports to American games. Generally different thing really. American sports are hugely tactical but not very sportsmanlike with professional fouling etcetra a part of the game. The code of ethics and conduct in many sports prohibits this. Each sport has its envelope and in this case they overstepped the boundries.

  22. @avarmauk The team that won this round would have to face the “best’ team in the semi-final assuming they made it through the knockout round. Assuming they cannot beat the ‘best’ team that gives them a bronze medal. If they loose this round but win the others they wont face the ‘best’ team until the final – if they loose then they will get a silver medal. Why would you want to win when loosing means you will probably get a better medals. The teams didn’t do anything wrong its the tournament designers for not seeing it coming.

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