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Lin Dan v T.Hidayat |MS- QF| Yonex All England Open Badminton Champ. 2012 — 47 Comments

  1. Unbelievable: LIN DAN’s return at 20:01.
    Impossible: TAUFIK’s Backhand at 20:02.
    Legends are THEY, Truly.

  2. Taufik played a very decent match…bravo!!!…he displayed awesomeskills and entertained us. Thats what the game is and the fun is not in just winning.

  3. I love Taufiks attitude. What ever rally he wins, excellent points he scores. he keeps so cool, silent and no actions. You can see that this attitude even influenced the great Lin Dan.

  4. Taufik never ends. Very very rich in attacks. Although he lost many times recently, he is a legend already.

  5. Taufik Hidayat has a great character. He is calm,relax and cool and charismatic. For technical, he has no doubt. Because his personality he deserves became the true champion. He is the true champion, no doubt. For physical problem, indeed after 2007 he is turn down..

  6. Taufik’s backhand is one of the best; however, Lin Dan is a living legend.

  7. Taufik is effortlessly badminton player, so many controversy in his personal life… but still he is the best as a natural badminton player ever.
    Look his cool playing style and his foot work, even we can see when he shoot the shuttle … cool, if he has good fitness train and less controversy as PG, LD and LCW. May he can compete much better than what we can saw in the past.

  8. I love the fact that the female commentator knew facts about Taufik (almost like she was fangirling) like his hours of training and his knee problem, also his charity works.

    Also I love their discussion about the challenges of older players have to endure.

  9. Ray TheSwagMan taufik was born with naturally badminton talent..when he was a kid..he doesn’t play badminton as he usually plays football..his father encourages him to plays badminton..

  10. I can’t see toufik being defeated .my eyes fill with tears when I see this type of matches I am the big fan of toufik. .though I am Indian.

  11. For a player who’s in the end of his carreer, Taufik still plays beautiful as always.

  12. @Radiika Junior Yes, backhand of Alexen is also strong. No one of current time can do strong like him. ( He can do backhand from this corner cross other corner)

  13. Previously I watch this with my high school generation …and now it has been 8years ago…time pass really really fast …
    I miss the old time of the most pinnacle era of badminton so much and I really miss this 2 legend ..
    The 4 king of badminton era was over …is feel hard to find a new legend in badminton like them in the future ..

  14. @Thang Huynh you cant argue that most single nowday really play fast game. But you have to take account that all these legend are trained to play with different point counting system which take longer and therefore greater stamina before changed to current point calculation system.

  15. @firdhaus makhtar  @firdhaus makhtar  they are nowhere near the speed of young lin dan and Lcw.
    Heck, lin dan dont even need to move much cause he already know whats your next hit is which make the game looks easier and slower.
    Here is what my opinion of players.
    Tier1 – players who can stay in rank 1 for long time, can win multi big titles.
    Tier2 – players who reach rank 1 also win at least 1 big titles and wining SS regularly
    Tier3 – players regularly rank in top 5 for 5+ years and win at least 1 SS titles per year.

    CTC who still lose to lin and lee age 36, he bearly qualify as tier 3, yet people compare him to lin and lin. Lol

  16. @Thang Huynh is this a joke or something these players are way beyond momota or shi yuqis level. Shot quality, footwork, pace, everything

  17. My two favorite player! Lin Dan and Taufik, i love their style. Lin Dan with his stamina and power, and Taufik with his backhand and smooth play.

  18. I admire these two legendary players, the game is fun to watch, I watched this video on August 1, 2021

  19. @mercy Leo Olympic gold medal and world championship? May want to do more research 🔬 before u talk.

  20. @Thang Huynh These year MS Players have nothing to do against TH, LD, and LCW on their prime time tbh…