Li-Ning No 1 Boost

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Strung this at 27lb but within a few hours before I managed to play with it, the tension has dropped to 24ish… Reminds me of vs850 in terms of tension loss, insanely bad.

Same stringer as my other rackets who strings my bg80 at 26 with almost no tension loss after a month even.

Feel wise, it isn’t as “lively” as bg80. The shuttle feel on the string bed is vague as opposed to bg80. Repulsion wise, I can feel a tiny bit more repulsion than bg80 but I never had trouble generating power with Bg80 to begin with. Overall an enjoyable string to use but I really hate strings with tension loss. At this rate, I have to string it at 28/29lb to end up at my 26lb preferred tension.

The one plus point over bg80 is it doesn’t leave my arm as sore after the session.