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Lee Chong Wei vs Kento Momota Badminton Asia Championships 2018 Semi Final — 36 Comments

  1. I like Kento. He is smiling, he is fighting, he is playing with the precision of a swiss watch. Nice to have you back.

  2. Lin dan , lee cw , taufik h , peter gade…the great player all time..!! Tetapi sekarang saatnya..chen long , victor axlsn , kindabi , momota & beberapa player lain tentunya..untuk mencatatkan sejarah baru di sektor tunggal putra..!! Momota adalah player yg paling jenius di antara semuanya di saat ini..!! Ketenangan & kesabaranya dalam mengendalikan permainan saya sangat salut dari momota..!! Tq

  3. 45:05 that reminds me of olympic gold medal point lindan gets in 2012 🙁 still cant move on from it..

  4. 52:41 to 52:57
    It’s wonder, that LCW returned such a fast smash 2 times in lightning speed….

  5. He is master in defending..like how he hold and defend the longest world no1 ranking or long rally in match..his body reflect like bruce lee..same lee..

  6. @Ohsehun Reisti hendrawan is lcw coach..one of his last coach bfore retired..to be like him, so many legend coach teach him..misbun, morten frost, hendrawan etc.

  7. Tornado Soul yes i known… But i’m from Indonesian… When i was a child… I always Saw Hendrawan played badminton. .

  8. Not true, they are the same but u have to change your strategy to face them. I am a right-handed player

  9. In recent interview, LCW revealed he was stricken by his later diagnosed nose cancer before this match. He just beat Mamota in Malaysia open final right before this tournament. No way he will be beaten this easily. Not saying he will beat Mamota for sure.

  10. yeah I’ve played at nationals level in my country and being left handed I’ve always felt my opponents having some kind of uneasiness in the first set. But it could also be due to my footwork which is highly inspired from LCW. They often tell me I barely leave any gaps on the court and my left hand adds to the complexity.

  11. LCW a prodigy…. love and respect for his passion towards Badminton 🏸

  12. We are looking to move forward with each other in the next date future can be changed as can

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