HomeLED Badminton Shuttlecock, LOFTWELL Dark Night Glow Badminton Shuttlecock Birdies Lightning For Outdoor & & Indoor Sports Activities (4 Pieces).

Take pleasure in having a blast tennis at low-light/dark evening along with LED Shuttlecocks.
4 x LED Feather Shuttlecock (Red, Green, Blue and also Color-changing) – Perfectly established for playing in the low-light/dark environment.
LED lightings installed in the rear end of the stopper, along with On/Off switch.
Component: goose plume, plume, SMD lights, digital items.
Stopper realm crown and also each shuttlecock just body weights pertaining to 6.7 g/0.24 ounces.
Low-cost shuttlecocks for newbies.

– Package Dimensions: 7.3 x 2.5 x 2.5 in.
– Product Weight: 60g.

Deal Includes.
-1 x Red LED Shuttlecock.
-1 x Green LED Shuttlecock.
-1 x Blue LED Shuttlecock.
-1 x Color-changing LED Shuttlecock.

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