Koudai Naraoka (奈良岡功大)


interesting video, thanks for providing the link demolid

some highlights about Naraoka in the video

5:23 wall practice at home even after a long day practicing in the club,

7:04 gotta love how he jumped to hug his dad (who’s also his coach) after u-13 victory, this one is right in the feels

8:12 his dad explaining the toughest enemy he’s facing right now which is himself, with a lot of junior title in hand he started to show self content and his dad think he isn’t training as hard compared to when he was younger when he used to be always drenched and soaked in sweat after hard training, recently he even hardly perspires

23:17 valuable advice from his senior Tago about how to play world level badminton, to keep the play simple, that he’ll have to start from scratch and reset himself, to forget everything he learned all along and by the time he’ll be able to do it then he’ll be a much better player