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KEVIN SANJAYA SUKAMULJO, SPIN SERVE, step by step – Badminton bulutangkis — 61 Comments

  1. Every player always find a way out to defeat no.1 in any dicipline.
    Learn from them.
    But everybody just talking about sukamuljo but sukamuljo is fragile without marcus covering.
    In this world,only him can match sukamuljo speed.

    We must admit it, Indonesia have very good tradition in MD dicipline.

    Very entertaining pair and worth to watch.

    And thanks for good video.

  2. I serve backhand service where I contact on top of the cork base.
    Sorry, it’s difficult to describe it but it’s gives a similar type of affect.
    It doesn’t strike the feathers either.

  3. Coba itu…kevin udh mainin dikancah internasional. Mereka lgi belajar. Bangga sama si tengil πŸ˜…πŸ‘

  4. Sorry, it’s not your invention!
    Indeed, this is sidek’s brother invention from Malaysia back then in 1996-1998. Due to its potential it was then banned by IBF! LMAO

  5. Itu mereka tiru dari…orang yg mencipta servis….haji sidek….ayah kepada misbun sidek sama rashid sidek….beliau yg mencipta….di panggil servis….S….org putih yg byk….meniru….ciplak

  6. al akhir wooww ini pun dah diclaim, terbaik lah malaysia ni..πŸ–’

  7. I think they should review and ban the spinning/slice serve on service. This definitely gives the server advantage as not possible to control the shuttle for return. When lots of professionals start using this method, I can see the authorities changing the rules.

  8. tengok lah tutorial serve sidek kebanggaan mu itu.. beda dengan Kevin punya.. sidek kalian itu pun kena hantam Lim Swie King di KL 1982 .. ga usah merasa paling keren malaysia lah.. kalian itu biasa aja..

  9. I see you have an astrox smash (im 90% sure that it is) ive considered investing in the astrox smash but i need a powerful head light racket, if anyone has any suggestions on a nice, reasonably priced interemediate-advance racket for defence players, please let me know

  10. Sidek serve . Wth with sukamuljo serve? Yeah everything have copy ori . Wkwkwkw

  11. @Shuttle Life i prefer playing attacking but ive tried playing with equal weight and head heavy rackets in the past but ive never been able to use them for smashes. I would say that i play attacking better with a head light racket, even though it doesnt make much sense. I am better at defence than smashing because i played alot at a club at school where i could beat everyone easily so i had to play easy against them so they could improve and we could play at my level. That kind of lowered my attacking level but increased my footwork as i had to be ready for the shuttle to go absolutely ANYWHERE. I currently play with a dunlop ap-8300 head light 4u racket with a string tension of 21-22lbs which i think is quite low as the racket feels weak but my parents refuse to let me get it restringed until the string breaks. They also said i could buy a new racket after winning at least 3 county matches in a row so a new racket would be my reward. I am currebtly waiting for my club to re-open so i can continue with the matches. Thanks alpt

  12. Dicky Diansya F. indon biasa apa pak? kmi bangga dgn Malaysia mencipta nama di Asia tenggara..tentu dlm bidang sukan..indo tidak pass lawan Malaysia..sepak takraw aja kena comeback..bola sepak lagi laaπŸ˜…

  13. @MF lu siapa? diem aja lu goblok.. ga usah ikut ikut.. ga ada yg ngajak lu hei muka pancut cepat..

  14. Dicky Diansya F. hehehe betulkan apa aku ckpπŸ˜…..ini fakta terima aja sobat..ohh lupa gue supporter Malaysia

  15. I don’t know if hitting feathers is illegal or not. But if you claim hitting top of the cord when the bird pointing downward and not hitting the feather than it is physically impossible. Same reason why it is hard for you to describe.
    Before the serve rule change kevin services consider illegal but no1 call out. Now I thought new rule as long as it below the “level” it is good. So doesn’t really matter now no?

  16. this S Serve (Sidek Serve) was banned in 80’s by IBF, they said it will demolished the shuttlecock. that’s bullshit.

  17. @졜 μ‹œμ§„ nanoflare 700/800 is a good headlight racket, pretty powerful for headlight as well

  18. this one is not S serve. Sidek serve is holding the shuttle opposite from this which is head up instead of below

  19. Check out for amazing badminton training videos & Badminton tutorialπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

  20. Check out for amazing badminton training videos & Badminton tutorialπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

  21. Sidek serve performed by hitting the feather of the shuttlecock meanwhile Kevin serve hitting the cork of the shuttlecock

  22. @졜 μ‹œμ§„ agreed from above, NF700 is good.
    But 800 is another story, the staff is too stiff and head light, it demands the player himself generate more power.
    if you are in advanced level, NF800 would be good, otherwise NF700 would be better.

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