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Is This The Best Defensive Shot In Badminton? — 26 Comments

  1. I love this shot, so satisfying to do!🔥🔥🔥

  2. Onomatopoeia in badminton!! Love it! Will try it out, normally will use the thumb on the quarter, ie Back hand clear grip, to play shots in this area… Thanks guys!

  3. This is a great shot, never seen it before! Brilliant insight (pun intended) 😂

    I think there is quite a bit of scope to use backhand technique across to the forehand side, I’ve tried using a thumb grip on drives to the forehand and it’s often better than traditional forehand technique with a panhandle or forehand grip.

  4. Hi Jenny and Greg! Another awesome video! I love this shot as well, I am going for it whenever possible and I love when opponents get gobsmacked. But I can play this kind of cross-court shots only with forehand grip so far. I am working on my defense on the forehand side with backhand grip – hopefully I can pull off a brap with backhand grip one day. Thanks for the tips and great “insights”! Huge fan🔥

  5. Hi Guys, Was eagerly waiting for this Sunday video, Checked in at 3:00 am local time to check if you guys have uploaded (optimistically). Your videos helped our game improve a lot (we play MD). Loved this new addition to the arsenal. Wish you guys Good Luck! God Bless!

  6. Wow that is good commitment! We upload at the same time every Sunday 😀 that’s great to hear – keep it up!

  7. Yeah I will admit playing this shot feels good. Usually do it when opponent does a straight smash onto my forehand.

  8. A few days back, I delivered a BRAP to my opponents luckily! 😅 🔥 Now, I will do it intentionally.

  9. Very informative video, as always
    Can we have a video about some exercises or workouts to improve the backhand clears please?

  10. Thanks 😀 Check you out backhand video from a while back – that should help!

  11. 🔥Will try to learn it for sure, I will add it to my shots to play in a match list right next to the Gade netshot

  12. Cool video!! I do have one questions , with this kind go a shot available for doubles defense, this would make defense with a forehand grip more or a rarity right ?

  13. Such a cool shot absolutely loved it. Going to try it whenever I train next

  14. Love the video! Will definitely attempt the brap in my next training session. 🔥

  15. Well, the perfect example of the BRAP I’ve seen, was from Indonesian Sigit Budiarto. He did it when he played Lars Paaske and Jonas Rasmussen from Denmark.

  16. Congratulations in advance for 150K subscribers. Keep the good work up sir & ma’am. 🙌🙂♥️

  17. I take a break on sundays and start training on Mondays again, I wait for your videos to get tips and get back in the court on mondays which helps a lot, so thank you very much

  18. First I thought: what’s so special about that shot. Took me a while to see it was a backhand on the forehand side. I might give it a go in a friendly match. Not for a match in the near future.

  19. Excellent demonstration n v cool shot. Previously I saw this shot from an Indonesian coach but never used it. But I will now definitely apply and use it after Jenny’s technique of practicing with the wall 😍

  20. 🔥that’s a shot I didn’t know about; backhand grip wouldn’t have come to my mind, thanks for this tip. I’ll give it a try this week! 🔥

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