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India won! Sindhu is world champion — 90 Comments

  1. This is what structured training and facilities could do … just one world class academy has produced so many champions … just imagine if we could have such world class academies for other sports too , we would undoubtedly win many more medals in olympics. This is how the western countries operate, training, facilities , international exposure … you can be rest assured, medals will follow

  2. She’s built like a athlete tall , fast and she’s a hard worker , she will be a big threat for a long time .

  3. I liked the way Okuhara smiled and embraced Sindhu after the match. She looked so cute 😄😘

  4. Such complete dominance over a player whom Sindhu has faced several times in the past.
    Go Sindhu go. The All England awaits you now.
    Jai Hind 🙏

  5. Badminton was first played in India, it’s a right time for India to have a world champion.Congrats & it’s good for the sport to have champions from different countries, it would make the sport more interesting & competitive.Way to go, Sindhu !

  6. Congratulations! What a performance from Indian athlete.
    I remember Sindhu used to be smashed by Chinese Taibei’s Di.
    But now, she is unstoppable, she is the World Champion. Indian athletes are physically strong enough to against any opponents at any sports fields, the only thing they need is proper training and government support.

  7. commentary : u can really see height difference between the players.
    pv Sindhu : I can only see my Indian flag height difference ☝️🇮🇳

  8. A girl so down to earth Sindhu is…The golden girl with golden wings. She has made the nation proud…..May god bless you and may you win more and more 🏅 in the years to come..A bing thank you for your win and contribution to the country 😍😍❤️❤️♥️♥️🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  9. It was not like a final natch. Though Sindhu was dominating, she was not over confident. She was keeping calm, focusing and playing with opponents move

  10. Sindhu killed okuhara’s mind.! Extradinary performance executed by PVS and she proved herself as an undisputed champion of the badminton world..

    Hats off you..

  11. make us indonesia full of admiration for india girl…..now we know india girl second to none….what a game ,what a power and determination,she really wanted to win…crazy game of shindu,she played like goddess…makes okuhara like amateur……chak de india….

  12. Congrats to Sindu, total dominance. Wow. May she have great performance at Tokyo Olympic. India as a country has greatly improved and became very competitive in badminton.

  13. Congratulations Sindhu… Tokyo is not so far.. Best Wishes for Olympic Gold.. Chak de…
    From Sri Lanka

  14. Poise, reflexes, accuracy, balance, determination, Sindhu has it all. What a beautiful athlete!
    Well done, india!

  15. You gotta feel for the Japanese girl too, hats off to get her too. 🙂 🇮🇳🇯🇵

  16. @Satyam Khurpe True. Indian army bhi Northies hi sambhalke baithe hai puri ye marathe, rajput, jaat, sikh, gorkhas etc.
    Param Vir Chakra ho ya Ashok chakra sbmein northies hi aage hai sbse bahadur hai. Jin cheezo mein southies acche ha uski tareef krte ha hum lekin inhe alag hi nafrat krni ha bina vajah ki.

  17. It’s just a Superseries bro.. We want Olympic Gold from Sindhu 🥇🥇😌.

  18. @R.K: the tutor what do u mean marry a pak girl? Aukad nhi bhai tumhari. Phle izzat kro ladkiyo ki fir khna

  19. @Sinesh Narayanan Japan dominated the Badminton in 1960 to late 1980’s.. They are veteran not new comer

  20. @Meneer Gultom thanks for the info..since we all grew up watching Chinese and indonesians dominating the game so it kind of felt like they ruled all the time..but Japan won their first world championship only in 2017. So, not sure how they ruled Thomas Cup and Uber in 1980s and before

  21. @bikash das Cek wiki.. They ruled the uber cup in 1960’s to 1980..I believe they won some of the championship back then..but its not regarded as official since the BWF just started in 2000’s..their record in Uber Cup is 6 Winning, only behind China which is amaxing

  22. Find one who wants to marry you.
    I heard somewhere forced unions and forced marriages don’t happen in India..

  23. Once you are on court, no excuses such as height, etc..LCW is such a great player (legendary!) though he is not as heighted as Axelson and other players..also Minions are an example.. so stop making such silly comments..once you are on court give your best!

  24. He means “The game developed in British India from the earlier game of battledore and shuttlecock.”

  25. You should all celebrate by having a huge bbq and have some hamburgers for all the poor starving people!!!
    Mmmmm beef!!

  26. I admire India’s young generation and their passion for politics. However, there is some nationalism in India which people see as cocky.

  27. Aapne bojot hai Sahee Farmaya hai,Munawarbhai.Khali Government ki jo Babugiri hai na,Woh Katam honi Chhhiye,hamare desh main. Allah Hafiz!! shrinivas sant,ox16@aol.in

  28. @Rajeev Dubey it’s not just a super series bro
    Its a oldest prestigious badminton tournament
    Every badminton player has a dream to win it

  29. @Alexander 88 but in the 2019 Singapore open Sindhu lost to okuhara by 7-21 and 11-21(height difference still there in that match also.).So even if she is shorter than any player she(okuhara) is trained for that kind of play.Its just that day who ever play well wins that that match.

  30. @Alexander 88 and also lesser the height more control on court..and better defense due to the lower center of gravity…can easily pick up net shots at lower position and to fastly move to the neutral position.more the height, higher the center of gravity ,it is difficult to raise from net to neutral position.

  31. @The Flight Reporter indonesia olympic squad confirm now…single ginting-jojo …men double daddies -minions-fajar ryan….women single gregoria-fitriani-ruselli …womens double gresia poli apriyani and della rizky…mix praveen melati and hafiz gloria……all now priority status in national centre….minions this guangzhou tournament seems got internal problem as told by endo that they won because minions not play 100 percent….they sensed it….

  32. @coutinho rio But Minions will have to work hard or else they may miss the Olympic chance…So Hope they work really hard

  33. Hey..thanks a lot
    I became conscious after reading ur comment cause this was where I was lacking…I guess I used to get very overconfident whenever I was on the verge of winning..this made me loose the easiest matches

  34. @-_ Of course its coming from people like you who live in a slum 🤭

  35. No foundation, corruption, wealth, creed and no support from family to take up sport

  36. @coutinho rio yes bro u r right but none of the countris are not having legendry players like kevin/marcus
    Loads of love from india

  37. @Narayana Adaka 🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😂

  38. @RGN BULL no bro😂😂 hindu religion follow no beef system….

  39. Alexander 88 in the professional, that advantage is only slight not substantial.

  40. Hamara naya YouTube channel hai please Hamen support Karen badminton ke liye आपको हर एक step बतायागे अगर नहीं सिखपाईएगा तो subscribe से हटा दिजीएगा

  41. @VAISHALI KUMBHAR mein cricket ko bakwas kaha hai mein cricket nahi dekhta hu samjhe

  42. @your mother and that’s the reason why you’re never gonna progress in life.Period

  43. Proud proud proud… Stop this non sense things Indians..
    What If she has not won this Game then you would not have feel proud???

    Have sum self Esteem about your country that it is always Great. To lose or to win the match doesn’t matter more to feel proud about that

  44. @UltimateTutorials first of all you need to mind your language she is saying correct only you are not having any rights sitting in home and saying that she is not hardworking.First see your condition what language you are speaking people waste money from foreign lands to see India . India is a beautiful country and a place where discrimination is not there all have the freedom to chose by what way they can represent there country…we are proud to be an Indian and salute to those you gave this country a freedom…mind your own business of you do not know how to talk

  45. @UltimateTutorials yes we know hard work is needed to achieve anything and her words does not mean she will do daydreaming everyone is unique and has a special talent…and if you think you are speaking so great you are not even 0.0001% correct about your words.We all accept that India is a unique country than any other

  46. @San Andre no dear we are proud because she is playing for our country…yes of course you are right if she loses what would happen we would still be proud saying that yes PV Sindhu is representing our country

  47. @Senthil Mathers its obvious that you are not indian but a fake profile. No indians will mock India and write
    “she knows its all temporary for india”
    Now you also trying to create fight between north and south indians..LOSER

  48. @Taposhwini Palai jab dikhate nee toh in logo ko ignore karteen tum nakii aise cooment pe Comment 😑

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