I feel I have a lot to work on, but where should I start first?


I live in the middle of nowhere in Alabama, I don’t think a coach is something I would be able to find. Thanks for the encouraging words! Will review my backswing, see what I can change.

And you’re right. Clears are a lot easier and when I really hit it it sounds a lot better and goes further.

Thank you sir! Will check out this video also.

2/1/20 Update – Did another singles match, focus on proper grip and energy conversation. This is the first time I’ve lost a match with him, but still ended up winning the overall set. Please check it out and let me know if y’all see things I need to work on or if anything’s changed (it’s only been a day I know lol)

[embedded content]

I wrote down somethings I noticed about why I lost points.

1st game –

I tallied points I lost and the reason why. The reasons I saw the most were

  • Poor service return (what I would call if he does a high serve, and I just clear it back to the middle where he is, allowing him to smash) which you can see at places like: 3:58 and 6:43
  • Poor footwork and reaction times, seen at plaes like 4:30 (honestly poor service return play into these too I think, I gave him too many possible shots to play with bad shot replies)

2nd Game –

  • A lot of my shots went out. I counted 5 points due to unforced errors (is that the right term?). Fixing my shot placement, which usually is quite good and on the line, was off this game for some reason. Counted it as a fluke that I can work on, and will look up some shot place drills to make my accuracy even better.
  • The second most I lost were poor service returns. See 9:08 for example, where I simply just clear to right where he is and he can do whatever he wants. I think I struggle with getting to the rear court fast enough to give me time to not feel pressured, and think besides just mindlessly clearing (could’ve done neutralization shots, drop shots, etc.

3rd Game – Less of the same, meaning more consistency but the same mistakes were made.

2 shots out, poor service return/footwork. A poor shot decision (high net when he was right there seen around 22:35) as well.

Additional notes –

I play singles/doubles extremely differently. I play doubles as a front and try to model like LYD as I’ve said before. Drives smashes to kill, I love the pace. I want to incorporate more of this into my singles as I feel like it would do me a lot better if I was able to smash instead of just always clearing and lifting like Kento.

The problem is, I always feel like under pressure and not confident I’ll be able to do a threatening backcourt smash or drop – hence I’ve always just been clearing until my opponent makes a mistake. (The play I want to incorporate more of is like around the 00:28 mark)

Also noticed I need to reincorporate hip rotation into my clear, as well as using my non racket arm as counter balance more.

Footwork – sometimes I take a couple of extra steps too many to do a forehand clear as I don’t trust my overhead clear. There are instances where I have to run all the way to sideline and back to middle because I’m trying to forehand clear a shot that went to my right or left rear court corner.

People wiser and better than I, what do you think?