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HSBC BWF World Tour Finals | Compelling viewing as world No.1 Tai Tzu Ying battles Pusarla V. Sindhu — 68 Comments

  1. I have to plug in my earphones when Marin is on court doesn’t matter if she is on other side of court. You know screaming is quite similar to …

  2. Not a good sign for TTY losing the first game! She’s like diesel, takes some time to warm up! 💪🏻

  3. I thought you were being sarcastic at first, but I did hear it at 6-3 of the 3rd set 😂

  4. I was so amazed by the comments.. People are commenting Marine’s screaming voice more than the actual match 😆😆😆

  5. 10% of comments : regarding sindhu & TZY
    90% of comments : Marin’s shouting behind

  6. This is the PV we like to see. Even though she lost, she fought well and was aggressive, angling a lot of shots and using her power in spots. I think she just needs to be this way from now on an act like a defending world champ. This is a good sign for her.

  7. Lmao I thought it was like an outsider or someone viewing the games but I realized because of covid no. Also it would be unprofessional for the staff to do that. I realized later it was Marin 👁👄👁

  8. @nitya kunapareddy look at her career graph after world Championships😞😞😞 and look where she stand against world’s top players


  10. When you are playing against TTY
    Its never easy
    And when you are PV Sindhu you can make it look easy sometimes

  11. People who are saying this all are the people who judge too early. Only two tournaments have been played after lockdown, Everything has changed in the lockdown that’s why some of the players are getting difficulty to play against the players they used to play with ease. Players has changed the techniques that’s why after one or two tournaments players with potential will rise up. kidambi srikanth has changed too. look at him, he is playing amazing. Yes, he is not winning but he is playing well and will be in top 10 again. Saina in 2019 was amazing and i think she will again be in top. And talking about Sindhu, people who said that she is distracted then they must know she is a warrior, she didn’t distract when she won Silver at Olympics. She is Someone who didn’t distract by her Olympic glory and managed to win tournaments after that. So i don’t think she is distracted because of Fame.

  12. @Ashvin Malviya ya that’s what did u watch her today? she played soo well !!!

  13. @nitya kunapareddy Sindhu real position will be from no. 3-7. Her opponents r the Korean girl, the 2 Japanese n Chen. Occupying the top 2 positions will be Tai n Marin. It’s will be foolish to rule out any of these 7 girls for the olympic gold n world championship.

  14. TTY’s strategy is quite straight forward
    “Angling Net play & deceive”
    PV needs to work harder.

  15. Wats there to be offensive. I can’t believe no one told her that she’s louder than an aircraft.

  16. I was distracted with Sindhu shouting the whole time I thought it was her😂😂

  17. @Party Bloopers ha ha ha really like what marin is doin. She was even warned by the referee not to take so much time shouting.

  18. I hate her shrieking loud scream..
    When Tai lost to Marin in 1st two finals in Thailand, I was heart broken but when she defeated her, I was so amused… 😜

  19. @Satyam Shukla I hope it does happen because Sindhu must know what Marin is nowadays. I predict they’ll meet in Swiss Open final (unless she’s again inconsistent) and result will be decimation by Marin.

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