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In this video we share 5 ways that you can still win badminton suits also if you are slow-moving! Join our Badminton Understanding area:

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How To Win Matches If You’re Slow! — 39 Comments

  1. Please make a video on advance double defence,,how to change defence grip to backhand to forehand side and how to defend on weak areas

  2. Great video! Would like to see a video on different doubles and singles tactics to win points in a game! Thanks for the upload. It just made my day better 😊

  3. Another great video!
    I have two well tried ways to compensate:
    1. make sure I have an amazingly fast partner
    2 frequently shout ‘Yours!’ no matter how far away it is from them

  4. Thanks for your videos! My understanding you play pair games. Please create a video (or couple of videos) which will show how players should move during the game according to each other. For example where should be position of the player when another one goes to make smash. Or what position should be used after the player goes to the net corner. Should he go back? Or should he go to the center and close to the net? And other different situations from basic to advanced.

  5. great video and nice explanation! Totally agreed with the options. Can’t wait to put them into practice

  6. Aye aye the ending 😂, Amazing video guys. I had a gap in my practice due to which my movement had become very slow and you posted this video. What a time! ❤️

  7. We’ll add it to our list! We already have 2 videos on advanced doubles defence if you haven’t already seen them 😀

  8. @Badminton Insight Actually no, I’m not. Thanks for the link! Looks like this is what I was looking for

  9. As an tiny additional tip, there is fighting spirit / combativity too. At my beginner level, I often surprise opponents (and partner…) by going for it on desperate situations, with some success in returning the shuttle, which can come as an advantage when everybody else has started to ‘disengage’ from the play, thinking the point was over.

  10. Even though we have never met, I have accepted you two as my coach🤧🤧, ur tips have bought massive change in my game 😁😁

  11. Your tips are invaluable. Many thanks! Would it also be a good idea to try and slow the game down by lifting high and playing more drop shots instead of smashes and flat shots against faster players. Do you think that can also be effective against fast opposition?

  12. I can definitely relate to this as I am a slow singles player but with my shot selection and ability to read the game I’ve won games that I shouldn’t of won on paper. Btw i hate playing against fast players haha. Amazing video as always too.

  13. IMHO lcw was so fast that he often played a lot of unnecessary deceptions, given his opponents time, instead of trying to force them to play even faster, which was his ultimate strength!

  14. Terrific content! I don’t think I’ve ever seen this topic discussed on Youtube. And so useful for someone new to the game like me. Thank you thank you!

  15. Thanks for featuring my idol, hendra setiawan, 😁. He’s special u know, no matter how fast his opponents is, he can slow them down and he can control the game to his liking, his anticipation, positioning and placement is so subtle and smooth that even until now, all his opponents has taste the venom of his shots, that is wiping the floor. 😅

  16. @Ern-Min Peck nah, lin Dan was slower than lcw. But his stroke play and reading of the game was better

  17. Awsome. I like the first trick best. Always wonder if those top players intentionally leave space to tempt opponents.

  18. Great Insight. Please also make a video on the clear. It might seem like an easy shot, but hitting it from third court to third court is tough.

  19. The part with the intentional gaps saved me a lot of points in singles. When the opponent actually returns into that gap, it feels sometimes like a Jedi’s mindcontrol trick 😂

  20. Thank u so much for this video. I always appreciate your tips and definitely made me a better player compared to two years ago

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