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How To Play The Reverse Slice Drop Shot: A Step-By-Step Badminton Tutorial! — 34 Comments

  1. Great timing! I’ve just been thinking about learning this shot 🙏

  2. This video is perfect and really helped me the deception and consistency

  3. Excellent tutorial on a very important skill in badminton! 👍🏻

  4. Glad to hear that Oliver! Good luck putting it into practice in a match 😀

  5. Yes!! At least a perfect explanation and practice recommendations for the shot I’m most of the time uncapable to perform… thank you!!😃😄🎉

  6. Awesome, simply awesome! This is going to help me so much 🙌🏻

  7. Great video as always. 👍 . Mentioning the way to practice the shot is really helpful 👍. Kudos to badminton insight 👏

  8. Thanks a lot 😀 Glad you found it helpful – we’ll continue to discuss this in future videos!

  9. Hey Greg and Jenny, hope you are doing well. I have been watching your content for a while now and you corrected me with the mistakes I made while playing. I had a question- whenever I try to hit a smash or a strong clear either of two things happen, the shot isn’t strong enough and ends up as a regular shot or I get a strain in my elbow. Most of my shots aren’t going with a fast speed even after following all the tutorials on YouTube. Hope you could help me with the issue.

  10. it’s good to learn this one at a young age. also thanks for using meters and not inches or whatever

  11. Please a tutorial on how to do a stop slice smash 😁 great video again, can’t wait to practice this shot on the court 😁😁😁

  12. A really really good explanation of the slice drop shot and actually it has been my signature shot for over 1 year now

  13. I really enjoyed this video ! This is definitely something that I need to practice and add to my game. Thank you for your hard work 😊

  14. Thank you for this tutorial this will help me a lot and keep up the good work and wish you a happy life🤗😊

  15. That’s for the suggestion and kind words! Good luck trying it out 😀

  16. Thanks for the in depth tutorial! Now I finally understand why my reverse drop shots always fail to get over the net.

  17. You’re very welcome! Hopefully you can correct them now 😀

  18. Love the tutorial! Do you think it matters where you strike the shuttle? I noticed Zheng Siwei seems it hit it to the side of him rather than straight above him?

  19. Hello! Firstly that’s great to hear 😀 We can’t really advise you without seeing it! Mainly try to relax and create a fast racket speed at the point of contact!

  20. Hey Greg and Jenny!
    I have a video request for you – Could you make a compilation with all different shots like forehead/backhand drop , serve , clear , smash , late backhand/forehand , slices , behind the back , brap , etc with 5-10 seconds given to each shot and if us viewers could refer to that back again for the perfect technique trying to copy you and you would also get many views from a single viewer , would also increase you watch time! Please consider doing this😀

  21. i’ve being doing the reverse slice from a DIY approach – this vid clears it up! thank you 😀

  22. @Badminton Insight thanks for the advice! Will surely put that into action.

  23. This is another very good video. Could you do a video for the opposite slice please, ie from right to left if you are a right hander. I find slicing from left side to right as per your video natural but from right to left very difficult.

  24. thank you for the tutorial, I discovered this shot accidentally during practice since young, but never had anyone explaining it to me properly like in this video. My accuracy with this shot was never great, hehe but it was really effective, coz it often fooled me too. Hopefully I can fix it after understanding it, and play it with more confidence.

  25. I will try this shot while i am playing a match and i love to watch your videos and learn more skills about badminton

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