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How to Defend a Smash | Badminton — 47 Comments

  1. But this is the catch up for slow speed smash. Ask ur partner do the heavy smash (>250speed) .

  2. So glad to hear that. Have you seen our other sports videos? Subscribe to the channel for all that and more

  3. Very helpful, now I might beat my friends cause they keep smashing the birdie every time I hit it, and they get the point now I can avoid that lol 😂

  4. Agreed, that would be awesome! Sadly though, the filming for the badminton program has now finished and we’re moving on to other sports and free video programs – be sure to subscribe to our channel to keep up with the latest releases. Why not share the video to help us grow and make even more free videos? Have a great weekend and thanks for commenting – we appreciate it

  5. wow this helped a lot, because I barely use my backhand at defending a smash! (I’m still kinda new to badminton)

  6. Well now you can try it out and hopefully it will help you win some matches! Are you playing for a team or just for fun?

  7. very helpful! keep going in the way! keep teaching i m a badminton professional ur shots really great

  8. We’re so happy you liked our video. Could you please tell us more about what you do? Are you a badminton coach or do you play at a professional level?

  9. Sikana English m not a coach but i play at professional level my age is just 14 how can i be a coach?!😌 but yes i lyf playing badminton!😍😎😋 i can help uh .. uh should post abt the secret tricls of badminton lyk net shots smash shots nd all clearly posted nd i think i am an good musician too subscribe my channel SD mantri uh will not njoy as i think i have to grow more!being high is my dream😎😉

  10. Sikana English uh should even post about cricket shots which would help to promote ur channel i also want to promote my channel but i don’t work on it much i have really very less followers very less😂😂

  11. Osu nut the moment your opponent is smashing, you stand in the position shown in the above video in the mid of your side of court(in doubles). You would surely be able to return.

  12. My opponent likes to smash on the right straight down. Should I use backhand or forehand grip?

  13. @Silver Squid The fact u know the Japanese name shows u know and are a an too. Of course I am one😁

  14. Depends on which hand u play with
    The left hand or right hand
    If right hand, forearm
    If left hand, backhand

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