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How To Analyse Badminton Matches – A 4 Step Guide (+ FREE TEMPLATE)! — 37 Comments

  1. Good point… N best of luck for the tournament… I hope ur tournament video will help most of the young badminton players…👍👍 I hope ull get through and also the idea of analysing opponents…❤️❤️ Lots of love n best of luck for your tournament n ur upcoming badminton videos…👍👍 I want to use ur idea of analysing opponents…

  2. Nice I’m definitely gonna submit a video! Thanks for the opportunity guys, and great video as always!

  3. Great video guys this is very important especially before a match and thank you for this because i can learn some tips on a video befor a match keep up the good videos and wish you a happy life 😊🤗and whis you good luck on the thiland open

  4. Normal players or beginners will treat it as a time waste video but passionate players know how important it is. 👏
    So thank you both🙏🙏

  5. Another brilliant video, well done!
    My team’s match analysis tends to take place in the pub after the game, rapidly descending into discussions on who’s carrying the most injuries as our excuses.

  6. Haven’t watched the video yet
    But the reason I got better at this game was by watching pro matches and seeing what they do
    And ran across ur channel
    Which I am still watching
    And I will continue to

  7. This kind of video is right my alley ! I love it 😎
    Also I sent in a 90 second video of some rallies

  8. Goodluck at the open! And a very groovy offer to review your viewers performance on the courts, thanks 😊

  9. Thank u soo much greg and jenny for this valueble information…🥺🖤

  10. I might be mistaken here, but I’ll take the risk 😊: could it be that you’ve slowed down the tempo of your speech a little bit ? If so, I really have to congratulate you, because I think this will help many people who are not native speakers !

  11. THIS !! THIS is why we watch your channel every sunday !! This is the type of content you can’t find elsewhere ! Thank you so much for this video and the template ! I wish you the best of luck for the Thai tournament and hope your matches will be streamed ! Love you guys ! <3

  12. Lovely stuff as always, may I suggest you do a video with junior badminton players in England and as far as I know lots of us will be really happy 🙂

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