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How Badminton Birdies Are Made — 48 Comments

  1. All of the control tests just to heave the shuttlecock destroyed after a few rallies

  2. こういう人達のお陰でいつも楽しくバドミントンができてるんやなぁ

  3. Thank you for showing how hard it is for one shuttle’s outcome .

  4. 意外と手間が掛かってるんですね。

  5. They become destroyed quickly except for the heavy real ones or real ones

  6. India invented badminton , with a version called Poona. Later British officers learnt the game and gave it the name badminton.

  7. I just loved to play with these, they landed exactly where you wanted but cost some.

  8. Its just bad quality shuttlecocks that break fast.
    Good ones from Yonex/YangYang/Oliver hold up very well.

  9. 2 days 😀
    have you ever watched a high tier badminton game? sometimes they change the shuttlecock after one rally

  10. It can’t even handle a smash. I smash to my friend and then my friend smash again and then the feather broke off

  11. It’s true. All the harming was done in a closed room before the making of this video.

  12. U know they might take the feather of the ducks and eat them later sooo it’s actually nothing different when u gonna eat the duck anyway

  13. lol true, we have birds living up there and sometimes causes the shuttles to fall again XD

  14. That’s because the feathers are from the left wing of a goose

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