High arch badminton shoes

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I have the same problem with high arc foot.
I am using SHB 102 ltd since 2012. The attached gif image shows the shoes design which gives high arc support. This gives a good protection for your high arch parts. Thus preventing slip or twist when you land or turn.

My old work force showing signs of aging and started wear out mostly in the insole and the exterior. I replaced to custom made Orthopedic insole. After playing for weeks i noticed i was falling and slipping down often, which never happened to me.
Since 4 weeks, I am recovering from the injury with terrible pains in the beginning.
I went to running specialist center who analysis your running pattern with video and bio sensors. Later he looked in the old yonex shoe and understood the problem.
The problem was with the insoles that i put in the shoe. The insoles fit to the feet and not to the shoe structure. Despite i bought a custom made insole for my feet and also matching shoe size. The insole raised the height and it elevated arch area above the shoe protection. This made me to slip more often.
Hadn’t been a running or walking same insole would be fitting perfectly no doubt about it. But during running, the movement is linear (forward & backward) and slight turns or in other words you are aware of your turns and the body stimulates slow and easy movements.
But with badminton, it the movements are fast, twisting and stretched.

Now i am looking forward to buy new one with high arch support. Tried Yonex Aerus 2, Power cushion 03Z. Aerus 2 was the closest but still not supporting high arch part. Power Cusion 03Z was not giving enough protection despite it was very comfortable.

I found this post very close to my problem as well, hence I was wondering, if any of you have good suggestion to buy a new shoe which provides high arch support ?.