Help me find a replacement for my Li Ning N9 II

In my last torunament, my racket unfortunately had the pleasure of getting to know the wall, after I got really angry with myself in a match I played super poorly (I know, stupid as f*ck but well… **** happens).

So I need a new racket. However, I haven’t read a single racket review for the last 5 years and with all the new series, models and cryptic information that some bands provide on their website (looking at you Li Ning) its just hella confusing.

With the N9II I kinda liked and disliked it at the same time. I really really loved the fast, aerodynamic head, since it was an absolute beast, when it comes to flat exchanges. I also had the feeling, that I was able to generate quite a lot of head speed for overhead shots, which felt kinda nice. So I definitely want a racket that is similar in that regard.

However, sometimes it felt like I still lacked a little bit of power, despite being able to generate lots head speed. Furthermore I sometimes felt like the sweet spot was a little “weird”/off when playing with the N9II. It’s hard to describe and I cant really point out what it was, but sometimes it was just feeling weird. Probably it’s just my technique, but with my previous racket (N90-III) I didn’t have this feeling. So a little bit more head weight for both more control and more power might not actually be too bad. However I dont want something thats super head heavy either, since I play both doubles and singles. And again, I don’t want to completely sacrifice the fast and maneuverable head. So no sledgehammer like ZFII please :D

As for stiffness, I want a medium-medium stiff racket, similar to N9 II. I don’t think my technique is good enough to handle something that’s way stiffer.

So all in all, I’m looking for a racket, that is mostly similar to the N90-III or N9II with maybe a tad more ooomph when it comes to smashing. Which racket would you recommend for me? I dont really care too much about brands: My last 3 rackets have all been from Li-Ning so I would like to go with them again, but Yonex or Victor are totally fine as well.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english :)