Gregoria Mariska Tunjung: Anything Is Possible!

Congratulations to Gregoria Mariska Tunjung for winning her first World Tour title at the Madrid Spain Masters. With her captivating style of play few women’s singles players can command a crowd like her. Watching her in full flow was an absolute delight and this well-deserved success included victories over two former world champions.

gmt 2
Screengrab of GMT courtesy of BWF TV

Tunjung’s play against Marin and then Sindhu highlighted her exceptional technical skills. Her outstanding touch at the net blends with a sharp strategic vision to make her into a daunting opponent. Her ability to disrupt opponents’ rhythm is rooted in a willingness to use clever deception and finesse which leaves them scrambling to respond. Lately she has added in a new ruthlessness to her shot selection.  Her shuttle placement is excellent, so her precise smashing has given her extra options to finish rallies off.

Previously it has been noted that her mental and physical resilience could be further strengthened and recently there has been a discernable shift in her approach which has led to a more consistent performance on court.  Back in July 2022 she pulled off a remarkable conquest of Akane Yamaguchi in the QF of the  Malaysia Masters in three sets and there was a sense that she was unearthing a new self-belief.  Good performances followed leading to an appearance in the final of the Australia Open and high hopes from her fans for 2023.

It’s significant that being ranked in the top 8 can give a major competitive advantage. Gregoria is at her highest ever position: 12, but with perseverance a top ten spot is well within reach.

Soon the qualifying period for Paris 2024 will begin and it looks like she will be meeting upcoming challenges with a new focus. Anything is possible if she manages to incorporate consistency into her game; I’m excited to see what happens next.

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