Gosen Inferno Raid review

Anyone using this racket? Recently over the past few weeks I tried a demo of this and bought one after I found it to be an excellent racket for fast powerful doubles, excelling in both attack and defence.

Based on an aerodynamic fast frame sword cross section but strengthened with a rather unique wave structure, it is both incredibly speedy and surprisingly punchy for it’s rather balanced 3U head weight.

My racket total playing weight with grip and strings is 86.8g with a head weight of 40.6g. For reference, my previous preferred rackets are:
3U Arc11 Pro 90.6g/41.0g
4U AX88D Pro 86.0g/41.3g
4U AX88D 87.0g/40.6g
4U AX99 85.7g/40.5g

Also bear in mind that I shave my G5 handles down to G6, so these weights are slightly lower than factory specs. Looking back, it does seem like my sample is on the low end of 3U.

Strung with the same strings GT5 mains and Zymax Fire 62F crosses at 24×26 lbs, I’m getting surprisingly very solid power shots with the stringbed on the Inferno. Clears, drives, counter attacks are all notably more repulsive than all my other rackets above. And defensive lifts and counter attacks are effortless with it because it swings so fast.

It is quite stiff like the AX99 but the shaft is quite usable and the power it seems come mostly from the frame. Touch and feel is nice, but net shots do require some care as it is a fast frame.

Would love to hear from anyone using this racket!

PS. Oh, and that matte red is very sexy!

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