Gosen G-tone 58

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Strings arrived yesterday.
G-tone 58 felt super thin compared to G-tone 5. Both with a similar slightly textured feeling.

Strung them after work today. Both on Arcsaber 10s.

My feelings after a 1h session switching between them.

The G-tone 58 had a much harder feeling. I think its the hardest I have tried. Could be because of how thin it is.

When hitting smashes it felt like the shuttle left the stringbed before I could get much power in to it. Very easy to get a steep angle but hard to generate much power. Not that its bad just not as good as the G-tone 5 or my Zymax 68tx.

At the net it is like nothing else. Felt like I had total control of the shuttle. I could angle and place it wherever I wanted with great accuracy and spin the shuttle more than with any other string.

Drives and clears felt great, even my weak backhand clear got some decent power and speed.

Because of the fear of miss hitting I was a bit timid under pressure on the deep forehand side, selecting to play drops and to the net.

Lets see how they feel tomorrow.