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God Like Badminton Shots & Rallies | One in a million shots & rallies | Rallies Shots you can’t miss — 43 Comments

  1. For those comments about LCW being arrogant or underestimating his opponent it wasn’t that. His opponent wasnt trying his best against LCW and LCW got annoyed that he wasnt trying and wasnt playing properly thats why he stared him down.

  2. @Just a passerby thank u very much bro. Now there will be another state level tournament next month and i will try to win it

  3. Tennis players tend to play badminton with lots of force. I played a game with one and man the ball flew like a bullet

  4. I love how in badminton since the rules are not as strict, the players get to move around with their other skills and you can easily see unique ways each players play

  5. Please come back here when you got into superseries, we want to really know. Good luck and train well

  6. 7:41 I don’t play badminton but this is literally me when I’m playing tennis and the opponent has tried to lob at me for the nth time that game and I’m getting sICK OF IT . GTFO.

  7. @BMO na interesting, the tennis players that I play with the birdie doesnt fly a lot because their movements are slow since they cant hit rly fast in tennis cuz heavier ball

  8. He stared him down out of confusion. LCW is giving him the point because the kid is obviously just playing around. Look at the give away shot that LCW gave on that near the net shot, that was suppose to be a kill but this kid just goes long for it.

  9. For whatever reason he did it, it was awesome because sometimes sports need such sparks.

  10. This thread prove so many people try to act smart as if they know the rules of badminton lmfaoo

  11. i can’t with LCW. no matter how much time I watch others, LCW hits me differently. he is too interesting to watch

  12. The first clip: why just lose when you can also lose in STYLE

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