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GIVE A LIKE FOR THIS ❤️😱.#badminton #badmintonindonesia #bulutangkis #badmintonlovers — 45 Comments

  1. Front White uniform player be like : Homework krke aaya hu 😂

  2. Tennis crowd: 🤫🤭🤐
    Badminton crowd: 🥳😱🤩

  3. When that guy fell down and the opposition played with the other guy.. pure sportsmanship.. thumbs up

  4. I’m not a tennis or badminton fan, but this, this was so freaking exciting. Have me looking for the full game.
    My boy went into ultra instinct mode

  5. When you know your role, this is how the world could operate if everyone just focused on what they need to do

  6. @Jojo Wee there’s guys 5’3 that made the league so no excuses.

  7. @Jason F ye thanks the league has gone soft, the refs have gone soft, everything is a foul now, and these guys don’t agree. Lol they have never watched real basketball then.

  8. @TheTruthPenguin the school i went to had every common sport except for football(rugby)

  9. @Steve A Mcleary Jr I’m finding a lot of awesome one… I think I’m actually gonna watch prince of tennis now

  10. That’s how the asians are. They believe the battle must be worn with honour. We hardly ever hear them cheat at games too, do we?

  11. Yea when u did a good smash ur friend dont want play with you anymore