Fly swatter forehand drive

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I have been trying to do the traditional forehand drive recently. The one I had been doing and still sometimes do is not at all orthodox. The shuttle isn’t necessarily that high when I do it, but I do what I guess you could call a low fly swatter drive. I just push it really hard, like a person might do off a short serve that went high.

Perhaps my technique thing the orthodox way isn’t fully correct, as the fly swatter is much faster. It’s very fast, and I see no evidence that it is slower than a pretty advanced player’s forehand drive. In fact I think it might be faster. The trajectory is low and consistency is excellent, so I’d have to rate it my most effective shot. I don’t know if I’d need to take a video for you to know what to think, but the question is why I should change technique and what is wrong with a fly swatter drive.