Finish on your cross string


I have tried a different string pattern, I saw Tim Willis tie off on his cross, I thought he went down to his last shared hole but it was just down instead of finishing up as usual. It made me think how to tie on my cross, when I string tennis rackets I always try to tie my crosses on the cross, my tennis boss told me your main strings are your working strings so tying a knot on your mains dampen the mains. So I started playing with a pattern thinking how or where I can tie on a Voltric or Nanoflare or Nanoray racket. I didnt think much about how it might effect the racket but after playing I gave it a little thought. For me I am not a good player, but feeling this pattern made me think it felt a little more solid, crisp, my thought was because my last 2 crosses had no tension loss only my 3rd to last because of the knot, the top was tighter making my racket feel like it had a little more power because of less vibration at the top.

So this pattern goes like this, on a Voltric which might have 3 crosses after the last shared hole, I would skip the cross after the last shared hole to the 2nd to last cross, to the last cross and go back down to the 3rd to last cross and tie on my cross at the last shared hole. For Nanoflare or Nanoray rackets or any racket with 4 crosses after the last shared hole, skip cross after last shared hole to 3rd to last cross, skip 2nd to last cross to the last cross, go to 2nd to last cross and then to 4th to last cross and tie on cross in the last shared hole.

I thought after the 2012 Olympics I heard talk of this kind of pattern from the UK stringers, but I cannot find any videos on it. I tried to make a video, I didnt realize I was in the portrit mode so my video sucks, and I cannot edit my videos because I dont know how and I am lazy to learn. I would like some feedback on what people think. I had 2 brothers try it pretty good players in my city, 1 loved it and the other was not a fan of it.

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