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F | XD | JORDAN/OKTAVIANTI (INA) [5] vs CHAN/GOH (MAS) [2] | BWF 2019 — 20 Comments

  1. Congrats Goh Liu Ying & Chan Peng Soon, great fight back and then closing out. Praveen is always so dangerous.

  2. What a great and intense match! Both sides did an amazing job in keeping the match close and exciting to watch.

  3. Great match !
    Congrats Chan and Goh,
    Keep fighting for Jordan and Oktavianti

  4. 34:13 Praveen’s power is extraordinary as he went to the stratosphere to thunder that one down!

  5. Nonton ini bener” untuk membandingkan performa pramel dia tiap matchnya sampe bisa jd juara. Keren!

  6. I am touched, moved by the fight, the struggle ucok/meli showed here. despite the inconsistency, u deserve the french, denmark, and all england title.

  7. 57:14 a lesson for tricky flick serve for Goh. Flick, this is enough for Oktavianti haha

  8. 双打是一个合作性的思考力…不能 判错队友思想的路线…! 拍挡倒下 一定要救她…

  9. I laughed at that too. But I like her confidence in her partner. She was so sure that no one is going to defense the smash coming next. She stood outside of the court. Bravo!

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