Do “control” strings benefit advanced players more?

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I’d say it depends more on the Racquet than the strings. Say a racquet would give you 80% of an effect, and the remaining 20% would be the strings.

Some models of Yonex strings are described as “slippery” by players, so there definitely is a difference in feel when you do net shots, drops, clears, smashes etc.

I would encourage all players to experiment with different strings and tensions until they find their preferred combination.

I like BG80 and BG66 Ultimax strings the most. Still trying to figure out if I like aerosonic or not. On paper it has almost the same stats as BG66U.

Seeing as Control is the most important part of net shots, short serves and slice / reverse slice shots I would say advanced players would make more use of control focused strings than beginner / lower intermediate players.