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Danisa Denmark Open 2017 | Badminton QF M4-MS| Kidambi Srikanth vs Viktor Axelsen — 45 Comments

  1. Axelson needs Yoga classes to calm down a bit…..he’s an amazing player though.:)

  2. There is a very common mistake made by many players against very tall opponent. They lift not high enough and was intercepted by the tall opponent. Many players lose a lot of points by repeating this mistake time and again. It was very clear in this match though Srikanth won but not without losing many points when he lifted not high enough over Axelson but was intercepted with a smash or fast drop. The faster the player learns and adapts to lift the shuttle to the required height that the tall opponent cannot intercept half way but is forced to go back to the back-line, the better it is.

  3. Thanks for uploading the full match. We can view the emotions, attitude and the complete movement of the game by both players; and just as important, the complete and unbroken commentaries of the two seasoned commentators. Thumbs up if agree.

  4. victor even gets a warning from the chief referee – “victor do not delay the game”

  5. hates smug – high enough that Axelsen cannot intercept. The player must have the perception of high enough and too high that goes wide or long.Talented players can do it or else you will be like a sitting duck to those with Axelsen’s height.

  6. True. This guy is like 6’4″ with lanky arms towering over all the players by a big margin lol. Probably why the players fail to adjust in time.

  7. You are right, from the behind gopichand was shouting to lift it higher and hit harder, he kept shouting please don’t do half and half, lift high and when you are hitting, please hit hard………..

  8. Krishna Jv – Lift high enough, not to be intercepted is the way to overcome height advantage. Another is to give sharp drop then diagonal high lift to the back line. The body mass of the towering body is great and takes a lot of energy to bend then go backward. No sooner their energy expires and he delivers inaccurate returns, see the rubber set; the tall bubble did burst due to the lost of energy.

  9. Im from Malaysia but proud to say Srikanth is my badminton idol now although I do like Axelsen.Kudos to both next gen badminton stars.

  10. One of the greatest matches ever. The way Srikanth came back n gave it back was just too awesome

  11. Alexson is a cheater, when he is serving look he start positioning before the opponent is ready. That is cunning. Pls check specially in the second set and first set he has done a lot it. Later when srikanth objected the umpire warned. Its the duty of Umpire.


  13. I agree, the only thing he was choking on was his own pride and worthless ego #axelsenisabitch

  14. Though i am no expert in badminton, but watching games of Lin Dan and LCW, I can see how different they were from rest. In this match there were a lot of away shots, lots of nets which was very rare with those 2 legends. May be i should stop watching their games altogether to enjoy human level badminton.

  15. after 2017, i NEVER Saw kidambi back in good form .His past remains past up till now. i WANT HIM TO BE BACK AS A PLAYER WHAT HE WAS!!!!

  16. I m gonna miss the four legends: lin dan,lee chong wei ,taufik hidayat and peter gade

  17. Nah, I have to go back and watch Jung Jae Sung / Lee Yong Dae vs Cai Yun / Fu Haifeng, from time to time. 😏

    So I know what you mean.

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