HomeCUH 6 PCS Colorful LED Badminton Shuttlecock Dark Night Glow Birdies Lighting Set For Outdoor & & Indoor Sports Activities, 6 Piece

Products: High Quality Goose Feather + Cork Ball Head + SMD LED
Shelter: RED + Green + Blue + Multi-color
Body weight: 6g ~ 6.5 g/ 0.21 ounces ~ 0.23 ounces.
Electric batteries for twenty ~ 36h for solitary tone products, 12 ~ 24h for color-changing items.

– Perfect for playing unaware setup.
– Good durability & & outstanding effectiveness.
– Switch within in the stopper along with straightforward on/off key.
– Targeted for newbies in addition to novices playing in any kind of sort of black setup.
– Each shuttlecock just body weights worrying 0.21 ounces, Fast soaring air-borne.

Bunch Includes:.
6 Pieces:.
-1 x Red LED Shuttlecock.
-1 x Green LED Shuttlecock.
-1 x Blue LED Shuttlecock.
-1 x Yellow LED Shuttlecock.
-2 x Color-changing LED Shuttlecock.

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