Choosing a new pair of shoes

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Hi everyone,

I’m a returning player after goodness knows how many years. I’ve been slowly updating/replacing my gear that I got rid of when I stopped, and I’ve gotten to the shoes. Definitely need replacing since they’re giving me blisters. Currently, I’m torn between the Victor Sanji’s (A.K.A Victor A670), the Li Ning JF-01 (AYAS012) and the Yonex 65Z3 (probably the white tiger ones because fashion lol). I, unfortunately, don’t really know anything about my feet (arch height, tread, etc.) except I’m a 39.5/40 EU/6.5 UK with a wide foot. So was looking to see what peoples’ experiences were on the aforementioned shoes and if anyone could give a recommendation? I plan to get gait tested so I can find out more information to help me make an informed decision, but right now the man-child in me is screaming go for the fashion shoes and that feels like a stupid choice to go by. Any and all help is appreciated!