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Chen wins gold in Badminton singles — 65 Comments

  1. I had a very strong feeling Chen was gonna win and it came true, whether I liked it or not. Nonetheless, the win was a clean win. Nicely played, his movement was very good, I felt like LCW was highly stiff in this match for some reason. Maybe the pressure of this being his final Olympics, getting the first gold for Malayasia not to mention also his first Olympics gold must’ve gotten him bad.

  2. how I really wish LCW took the gold. He is a great humble guy and clap clap from your singapore fan.

  3. I do feel sad for LCW, such a legendary badminton player – missing out on the gold medal three times… but I must show some patriotism haha congratulations Chen Long, well done on the gold medal!

  4. As much as I’d like to see CW win the gold medal, we cannot deny that CL played a better and more controlled game than CW in the finals and therefore deserve to win the gold medal.

  5. I really feel the emotions he has for getting the Gold for all his hardworks 😍😍😍

  6. And his brother Short Chen was no where to be seen.

  7. LCW is the Wang Hao equivalent in Badminton, Wang Hao won 3 silver medals in tt

  8. I wish the semifinal was the final. God, It would be a such a great finish for Lin Dan and Lee if they met in the final.

  9. Props to Chen Long. He is finally stepping out of Lin Dan’s shadow after so many years.

  10. 2008 – lost to lin dan in final
    2012 – lost to lin dan in final
    2016 – beat lin dan in semifinal, but lost to another chinese in final
    what a bad luck. i’m not blame him if he didn’t want to entering olympics 2020.

  11. Plz guys LCW will always be a legendry badminton player…I wish too he would win a gold in upcoming Tokyo games…but If he doesnt he wont be any less of a legend that he is.

    Plz remember to Reach the finals itself is an honour and having done that three times in itself Is amlegendry.

    Love and respect from an Indian fan.

  12. @chimzy Exactly, both LCW and LD were exhausted after that SF thriller, and both got defeated in the next game by young players who have much more stamina left

  13. To be fair Wang Hao had won world championship gold and World Cup gold, both of which LCW would die for……

  14. @Shuttle Smash y’all saying how lcw deserved that…. it’s his fault, and only his fault that he lost the final all 3 times. Chen simply played better and won.

  15. @Herbdoulaye Yousef I’ll translate his name, it’s “restfulmandarinorangejuice” lol.

  16. I would’ve loved to see LCW win since he will probably be to old to win the 2020 olympics, but congrats to CL for winning! He definitely deserved it

  17. Although Lee Chong Wei defeat to Chen Long, he finally beat his rival Lin Dan and won silver medal in Olympic games. LCW’s persistence and hard work earn a respect and admiration of everyone.

  18. 3 finals 3 silver medals… Retired.
    Who’s here after Lee Chong Wei’s retirement?

  19. Yeah, poor guy. How many fight and claw just to make their team and this guy wins medals three Olympics in a row. Sure he plays to win but this is nothing to cry about.

  20. Anmol Singh You say he doesn’t have “mental toughness”, yet despite losing in the final twice, he came back and tried again. Not only that, he has also recently defeated cancer. The man has buckets of willpower.

    Also, with only talent you can do nothing.

  21. 广东人支持香港反送中【独裁必死,支共必亡】 有一说一,你这个广东人Biss噢

  22. Lcw only great in minor event not in major event like lin dan, taufik hidayat and others

  23. Ironically, I think Chen’s name also fits him cause Chen Long is like 187 cm which is quite tall if I’m not mistaken. Not to mention, he’s also taller than average Chinese, obviously.

  24. Try winning Gold medal in China’s national sport! they call it ping pong in English I believe

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