Carbonex 20 Tour, 2UG4, SP Code, Old Logo

Hello BC forums!

I am selling my Carbonex 20 Tour, 2UG4, Old Yonex Logo, Brand New Unstrung Original 100%

Price will be 200 USD (of course I’m open for price negotiation); payment via PayPal (for Indonesian: in my tokopedia page), and shipping cost is paid by the buyer.

Review of this racket:
For all folks who adores Carbonex, particularly the old timer, this is the one for you!
well actually not only for the old timer,,, for all new young folks who’d like to try oval racket, 2U, with even-moderate balance, this can be a very nice try.

– Power: for 2U racket, this one no need to further explanation. 2U racket is very known for the raw power it can produce… so all folks who like smashing around and utilizing power, you can very much like this racket.
– Mobility: although it’s 2U, the balance of this racket may not that hard to use, 290 mm. Of course it’s not the lightest racket around like nanoflare 4U etc… But I believe we can manage the heaviness of 2U racket by handling the racket near the cone for ease of mobility/defence position.
– Stiffness: this I would categorize as a stiff to very-stiff category. In the catalogue, the stiffness in Cab20 Tour is rated the same as Cab20 Power. But, when I try this racket on court, I think the 20 Power is even stiffer than the 20 Tour.

This racket is very popular among pros (particularly in Indonesia). Many Indonesia pros using this racket in late 1990’s and 2000’s era:

Taufik Hidayat, Halim Haryanto, Trikus Haryanto, Budi Santoso, Indra Wijaya, Fung Permadi, etc.

Grab this racket quickly!