Calibrating Wise 2086 wise tension head

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I got this once a long time ago:
This unit is self-calibrating. In the factory, scientific equipment is used to set the calibration before the unit is shipped. In the event you feel calibration is necessary this can be done without returning the machine. But unless you have extremely accurate calibrating equipment, it is notrecommended that you perform this function. A spring calibrator is not considered accurate enough to calibrate the 2086 Pro and you will misalign the machine using just this as a measuring tool.

Calibration should be performed at 70 – 85 pounds.

1. Using string, start a pull as normal, when the unit has reached the set tension press the Pause button.

2. Press the Test key. The display will flash 111 to confirm you are in the Calibration mode.

3. Use the Up/Down keys to make the display match the precision calibrator you have mounted between the gripper and the racket.

4. To save the new calibration value press Test once again. You now have 9 seconds (as counted down on the display) to press the Speed key, then the Pound key. The display will flash 999 momentarily to indicate the new calibration data is saved.

5. At any time when in the Calibration mode, pressing the count key will return all factory settings. Or, pressing the dimpled (start) key or foot switch before saving the data will discard the new value and return to the previous setting.