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Basic FOOTWORK badminton – 4 corners — 31 Comments

  1. I just realized that my footwork was holding me back a few days ago and you uploaded this today. Thanks a lot!

  2. Many thanks! Clear and crisp. Solved my front court – backhand reach problem!

  3. Great vid thanks ๐Ÿ‘ Q: I was taught (in doubles) always to do a china jump rather than a scissor jump at FH rear as the additional power from a scissor jump isnโ€™t worth the compromised recovery…..any thoughts ?

  4. Yes the China jump is very effective, but the scissor can generate more power, and also gives you better chances of moving forward again more quickly to get back to the middle or attack the net๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป Choose was best for you in the situation๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. PS Love your channel – awesome videos….would it be possible to do a bit more on doubles? Lots of great videos on singles tho ๐Ÿ‘

  6. Could you do a video about the exact *timing* of the launch and landing of the split step, in relation to your opponent hitting the shuttle- thanks!

  7. Pls make videos on how to control the rally and how to improve accuracy and how can i read my opponents game

  8. i was taught by a former China player in a badminton clinic under my country badminton development initiatives in early 90’s. Not like nowadays, we can study any techniques by watching Youtube and this is good. In my day you have to do a lot of watching and observing the higher level players played, playing with them if you’re lucky , read books, watching recorded live matches in VHS video and try the techniques and tactics that you think are the correct ways and found out after a lot of practical that you’re doing it wrong and getting injured physically and mentally. But it’s heartbreaking and fun. In badminton, the back and forehand front movement is more to the “sword” fencing lunging. The asian style usually use the 5 step movement from start to end for front movement. For the back movement either forehand ir backhand, it use the 7 step movement. This is for beginner to familiarise just like sparring in karate or boxing. Train until it become an automatic movement to the needed conditions. In the front movement, try not to land all your body weight on the front leg and try also not to use you front leg as the main leg to return to the base. Injury to the knee is common if you use the front leading leg only.

  9. Would be so helpful if u can do these steps with shuttle, especially clearing and drop and driving… smashing is intuitive but other shots are not as.

  10. The hardest thing in singles footwork is to keep the movement flowing, once the player can master that, the game become easy to play, you won’t get that problem in doubles, nice video thanks

  11. 0:53 – Center Position
    2:20 – Front Court-Forehand
    3:14- Front Court-Backhand
    4:19- Back Court-Forehand
    5:29- Back Court-Backhand

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