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Badminton Women’s Doubles – Korea v China | London 2012 Olympics — 52 Comments

  1. This is just soo embarrassing…

    Although sadly Korean pairs and an Indonesian pair were also involved in this ‘soap opera’, we could say that the main actor behind all this scandal is Chinese pair and their coaches. They just don’t want to meet Tian/Zhao earlier in the knockout rounds.

    So shame on you, China!

  2. i remember when this was happening, many of my friends from asian countries said that apparently in some asian tournaments, match fixing like this is rife. doesn’t make it right or fair and they obviously know they can’t do it in the olympics but it’s apparently common.

  3. I was curious if they just cheated slyly, but it’s so blatantly obvious! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Sad to watch. They’ll need to change the rules so that losing doesn’t have advantages.

  5. Lol, they don’t even care to fake one or two rallies smh. Best game ever

  6. problem was they BOTH wanted to lose, if one team wanted to lose it would be easy to fake it, but when both want to if you have 1 good hit then you end up winning haha

  7. The Stanford lectures on Algorithmic Game Theory (CS364A, lecture 1) brought me here. Um, anyone?

  8. I’ve just started listening to Radiolab. Only heard 4 or 5 episodes so far, and working my way back through the archives. Very interesting stuff.

  9. After listening to the radiolab podcast, I had to watch the game in full also…

  10. The game is caped at 29 all and rally point which means that if you take the lead the other team can make it so you win

  11. Eventually Both teams along with 2 more teams got disqualified from further competition in London 2012. Ultimate punishment.

  12. Bruh what is wrong with this reply section I don’t understand any of you here like where did you guys learn this type of “english” (No Offense btw)

  13. The main actor behind all this scandal is Chinese pair?? Shame on all teams including Chinese, Korean and Indonesian, also shame on you.

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