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Badminton Unlimited 2019 | BWF Classic Match – Lee Chong Wei vs. Kento Momota | BWF 2019 — 60 Comments

  1. Lee Chong Wei will always and forever remain a legend, thank you for everything.

  2. That match was purely amazing! So sad that the final call and challenge sort of took away the celebrating hahaha but that was a close call what can u do

  3. One day, I would tell my son that there was a champion who never give up when playing against all of his opponents, that champ is called Lee Chong Wei.

  4. Lee Chong Wei is now a badminton legend. He has no hater and very entertaining to watched.
    Respect from Indonesia

  5. @jalanjalan onlen
    Bukan cuma permainanya saja, tapi attitudenya juga baik. Salah satu pemain tunggal terbaik sepanjang masa.

  6. I was at the Arena during the Final. Superb atmosphere and seriously goosebumps when audiences shouted LEE CHONG WEI… LEE CHONG WEI… LEE CHONG WEI…
    Missed that moment very very much. Thank you LCW for your contribution to badminton and Malaysia.

  7. This was at the time Momota just came back after a year ban. He came back super strong with long winning streak. No one knows the answer to defeat him.
    Then in Malaysia Open, LCW’s home turf. It was interesting how LCW could defend his home turf with some class! It was as if he showed Momota he is not yet invincible :P.

    In one of his rallies, I reflected how much LCW exerts some extra efforts which is quite strange. He doesn’t play as ferocious as normal, looks a little bit tired, but was able to remain calm and composure. His whole game relies on accuracy, counter defense, and the ability to match Momota’s netplay to open Momota’s court.
    Later on after this ended, news reached us that LCW is suffering from cancer.
    That explains why he had to use that kind of strategy, and it is still quite amazing that he wins the title against the currently very strong opponent in the world, while being sick, and still manages to win. Wow.
    Maybe he don’t want Momota to win in home soil and choose to endure and play in Malaysia Open to defend his home turf.

  8. Yes maybe he has no hatter but he already had a “disliked” in this video..they’re should be burn in hell!!

  9. Despite the fact that it took away the celebration, I praise the line judge for not doing favour call. This match was in Malaysia with idol LCW playing in home ground, but the line judge called it as he/she saw it. It was a close call but line judge did not favour LCW in his home soil. This really shows good attitude from line judges in Malaysia. Can’t say the same thing for emmm… (Country that starts with ‘K’).

  10. @yjkuan also that K country im guessing is korea…. although it is my home country and i root for it… i am sad to admit that “favour calling” is a big reality in korea…

  11. LCW last game is at indonesia open semi final against momota. After his defeat then found out the disease later on.

  12. ​@Hyungho Chris Choi Yes… Thanks for agreeing too! I admire Korean players too because they are so dedicated and discipline, this time I can’t say the same thing for Malaysian players, except LCW of course. But yeah when comes to supporting their players, Korean ppl just too blindly favouring without being fair. It’s less likely now that it has hawk eye and challenge system, but back in the old days it was really bad (and sad).

  13. TM Tan well the cancer would already have its effects to LCW already ever since the msian open. Cancers dont grow that big overnight lol

  14. Walaupun tidak pernah dapat juara dunia, tidak pernah dapat emas Olimpiade, tidak pernah emas Asian Games, Lee Chong Wei tetap seorang legenda bulutangkis. Semua orang respek pada dia. Skill dan mental di atas rata rata. Bayangkan, LCW masuk final sebanyak 100 kali. Separuhnya sebanyak hampir 50 dia menjadi juara.
    Kenapa banyak orang mencibir kegagalan LCW di big event, itu karena mereka iri dengan prestasi Superseries dari LCW. Haters memang selalu merendahkan prestasi orang lain. Padahal ada ribuan pebulutangkis profesional yang juara Superseries saja tidak pernah, punya 10 juara Superseries tidak pernah, 20 juara Superseries apalagi πŸ˜†.
    Allah memberikan rezeki kepada hamba-Nya dengan berbagai cara.

  15. salam hormat dari inindonesia datuk lee, kamu layak diteladani oleh seluruh pemain bulutangkis

  16. WHAT HE HAS CANCER? This has got to be fake, I feel so sad, such a legend getting cancer just saddens me so much

  17. @Tsunami Gaming And Vlogz Yup, some sort like nostril cancer. He intended to come back to court in the first half of 2019 but his doctor never gave a green light. That’s why he retired in June.

  18. Now no one is there to give tough time to Momota.. He is world champion now.. LCW we will miss you.. love from Pakistan πŸ‡΅πŸ‡°

  19. Pentagon lin dan was and is way better. The true god of badminton along with perer gade

  20. lee chong wei is momota idol….thats why momota skill almost like lcw….when you idol someone you will play like him….good momota….you choose the right player for your inspire and you take lcw spirit to be with you…come on msia players….

  21. Lee chong wei
    Lin dan
    Taufik hidayat
    Peter gade
    Ke 4 mereka ini adalah punya cerita tersendiri dlm pentas badminton dunia..masing2 ada skill yg tersendiri..legenda bagi dunia badminton..

  22. Salute LCW !
    A Champion in terms of perfection of techniques, sportsmanship, sportsman’s Olympic spirit, sports entertaining ,,,,,,

  23. Lin Dan
    Speed and sharp

    Taufik Hidayat
    Backhand and intelligent

    Peter Gade
    Net Shot and controlling

    Lee Chong Wei
    Stable and Footsteps

  24. Yes. I am here to relive the gallantry of Lee Chong Wei. True sportsman. Best of health, Datuk Lee Chong Wei… Happy Chinese New Year.

  25. @Krishan Rathi if u only talking about major title, what about taufik hidayat? Xia Xuanze
    ? chen long? they also get major title..they are real legend too..lol real legend doenst mean must have a major title..only u said that..in other sport, same like cr7, messi, figo..they dont have worldcup title, so they are not real legend like zidane? lol now tell me who is the name have most match between lcw and lindan? who are the most carier title? who people can stay with no1 ranking too long? u think enter many match is easy if doesnt have strong body and stamina..

  26. @Mdsyahmi Nazri98 bukan Asian Games mungkin, tapi Kejuaraan Asia yang tiap tahun dilaksanakan. Emas Asian Games sejak 2002: Taufik Hidayat 2 kali, Lin Dan 2 kali dan Jonathan Christie 1 kali

  27. @Krishan Rathi every player improving if they continuing what they do..one day young player will come up and knock out the top old one, its karma.

  28. LCW beat prime Momota at 36 y/o and ended his 21 winning streak.

    just imagine Momota vs prime 2011 LCW 🀧

  29. Budak budak je yang gaduh gaduh ni. Bukan nye nak menikmati sukan. Mulut je cakap minat main badminton tp hati tu tak. Plz respect each other lah, jngan jadi budK budak, malu lah sikit! Haiya

  30. @Daniel Pacot possibly worse than 21-12 21-8 maybe like 21-9 21-6 or possibly even worse

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