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Badminton trick shot, SPIN SERVE aka KEVIN SERVE – Best Method Tutorial — 37 Comments

  1. My pleasure to help you improve. Please do not hesitate that if you have any skills question. I will try to make content for it.

  2. you guys :hah im the best spin server in my team/school

    table tennis player: hold my beer

  3. It would affect opponent return quality because shuttle is spinning so timing would be hard to catch

  4. Tony you can do it as long as keep practicing it. Let me know if you have more question relate to your badminton games. Thank you

  5. Could you show us how to return a spin serve since you will most probably be contacting the shuttle below the net?

  6. Adjust your racket face angle when you hit and depends on where you are going to hit

  7. ive been using high long serves for singles but I just moved to a hall with a low ceiling so I cant any more so I think ill start using spin serves

  8. Very nice strategy and very nicely teached we learn it very simple and opponent are confused thanks for these nice service

  9. Thx bro. Glad to help you. Do not hesitate to ask me any question you have. I am here to help you

  10. An Indonesian badminton player named Liem Swie King also received appreciation in the badminton world. Liem is nicknamed “King Smash” by the badminton world. He created a phenomenal jumping smash technique

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