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Badminton trick shot, SPIN SERVE aka KEVIN SERVE – Best Method Tutorial

Cinematography and editing by Jason Chan (@jjjason_inc)

How does Kevin Sukamuljo spin serve? Can you do that too? If no, you can surely learn! This is why we have made this easy-to-follow tutorial where you can master the spin serve and diversify your game so that your opponent is left guessing about your next plan. Badminton serve techniques are varied, and in order to ace the spin serve, you need to know the low double serves as well. So the idea is to start with a primary serve position but use a different action that puts a spin on the shuttle. With the technique in this video, you can perform Kevin serve without breaking any service laws since the cork is hit before the feathers. It’s imperative to know how the action will impact the shuttle’s trajectory and how to surprise your opponent with varying heights of the serve. This is one serve to have up your sleeve since it can put your opponent off his game and give you an edge.

In this video you will learn BACKHAND SPIN SERVE to help you diversify your serve in your games.

In order to execute the spin serve correctly, you must need to master low doubles serve first. Watch this tutorial about how to serve like Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo (Spin Serve creator)

Here are some tips for spin serve :

1: Use the normal low serve technique to prepare for the serve
2: Twist the shuttle tip towards your body
3: Slice with the racket to get the spin
4: Go a bit "under" the shuttle to get even more spin

I hope you enjoy this video. Please leave a comment and I'll answer your question.

Have fun and enjoy.

Cinematography and editing by Jason Chan (@jasonchan_1215)




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