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Badminton Tips : How to Hold a Badminton Racket — 21 Comments

  1. Wow, ever since I started playing months ago I have been holding it in my palm. This would explain on so many aspects why my hits and power are the way they are. Man, I feel so foolish, but I learn the error of my ways via the gold ole’ internet.

  2. oh so now it makes sense to me.

    i usually hold the badminton with my palm but now i know how to hold it!

  3. I crossed whole of the video waiting for that moment and burst into laughter seeing that…

  4. wtf… I knew my p.e teacher taught me something wrong. we’re supposed to hold it at the very end 😢 so that half of the hand doesn’t even hold the racket anymore… I described that probably a bit confusing sorry for that

    but how should I play like that?! I think I’m going to show her that video

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