Badminton – Tips for Fresher (6) How to Pick Up a Shuttlecock from Floor

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Hi, I am Lee Jae Bok
I have actually been playing and training badminton the whole of my life 50 years from age 10 and this time 2019 age 59.
I am supplying various levels of badminton training clips in addition to evaluations on badminton rackets and other training devices.
I am publishing videos on how to move quickly on the court, how to hit precisely and stealthily, how to utilize the right strategies to various gamers. Likewise, I am providing coaching videos for SONGS, DOUBLES and MIXED DOUBLES. There are videos for beginners, advanced, pro gamers, badminton coaches, and young players moms and dads. In my training videos you will be able to see the factors for the methods I am teaching gamers in a specific method.

I have three motos in my training. They are REGARD CHALLENGER, COMPETE for FAIR and DIFFICULTY THE LIMIT
You will find my way of training and badminton skills much different from the standard and typical method. In my viewpoint, they are special and ingenious.
I very much hope you find my training clips are satisfying and useful to your badminton enhancement.

You may visit my online training website: Lee Jae Bok Badminton School at
More coaching clips offered. "12 month doubles course", "12 month singles course", "12 month coaches course". Blog sites for parents, and my personal story "Badminton, My life and My Course", some advises to players and coaches and numerous other courses are offered.

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