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Badminton Tips and Techniques – Returning the Serve – featuring Coach Andy Chong — 36 Comments

  1. Kudos. Best tip of this video. We come to the shuttle, the shuttle shouldn’t come to us. Great video sir

  2. thats providing they serve so close. what if you have to run backwards if they serve over your head?

  3. Good description for lower level players, better players would actually use their non racket leg to get to the shuttle earlier. 👍

  4. Thanks a lot sir. I have been struggling to lift the serve of late. Let me practice basis this video and get back to you..

  5. Day after tomorrow I have a tournament . Thinking how to return a serve. Wr to stand exactly to easily push the serve

  6. Thanks for the useful video. Wish to have a one covering the return while the T is away from forehand.

  7. How did your tournament go? Make sure to subscribe to our channel. We upload a new badminton tips video clip every week.

  8. But at the same time when we moving forward to return serve opponent will push their service back to the third line then what will happen

  9. Lewis Bulled lmao there is literally no difference between the serves of singles and doubles except for after you return the shuttle

  10. zir786 that is the point of having your non racquet leg at front. If they flick serve you can immediately start moving backwards. It takes a while to do that. Your reflexes must be quick.

  11. Really nice coach , i would love to avoid the opponent of counter smash on me when i receive serve from a stronger player
    Thats why i would always lift the bird as far as high as possible
    You really nailed the point coach

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