Badminton SMASH technique – smash harder

This really comprehensive tutorial demonstrates how to get a really tough badminton POWER smash. And how to get the best badminton smash strategy.

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The badminton smash is SO crucial in your game, however also truly challenging to get all things interacting. I will attempt in this video to stroll you through all the components in all the motions and the swing.

Some beneficial timestamps if you want to "jump" into the video:
2:03 Fundamental method walkthrough
2:36 Get in position
3:22 Side to the internet
3:34 Back leg down to push of
4:17 The hip moves forward
4:30 Concentrate on the elbow
4:40 Forearm rotation & swing
5:02 full swing without shuttle
5:13 Complete walkthrough with graphic elements and slow movement
6:01 The grip
8:00 Power smash with shuttle bus.

Good luck and have a good time.

We hope you delight in the video.

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