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Badminton Smash Evolution 1980 – 2020 (MD) — 52 Comments

  1. I remember what did Kenichi Tago told, smash is not a way to play to win the point, it’s a way to make opponent confuse and out of step.. When smashing, you’ll lose the patience, yet you will make the mistake.. One of the best way to get the point is the placement.. Smash + perfect placement = point + win

  2. been thinking this channel is operated by bwf representative or some sort. how do you get the classic footage and all lol

  3. You failed to include my style of smashing, which usually goes into the net and ends with me twisting my ankle and falling onto my butt.

  4. Not only am I surprised at the evolution of badminton but I’m surprised at “the evolution of video technology”!!!!!
    from Japan

  5. The Smash style is not much different,The change is the gameplay in Man Doubles, especially after the arrival of Sukamuljo. We rarely see power and defence war in MD like the era at Fu Hai Feng and LYD,but now most MD play with fast and flat game.

  6. Agree bro… others have to adapt with his attacking play hence lifting all the playing standard.

  7. Yeah… i’m not sure past players can withstand current player’s gameplay… look at kevin sanjaya, yuta watanabe, liu yuchen, and zheng siwei… they might not have brutal power like fu haifeng or tan boon heong, but they are really fast and smart… their gameplay is very effective… badminton gameplay is transforming into a more and more effective play compared to previous era…

  8. yuta watanabes smash form is so clean. he’s one of the most explosive doubles players right now

  9. Exactly!! I cant really tell the evolution in smashing technique but its clear to see the advancement of digital tech 😂😂

  10. Suporter INDONESIA dari thn 80 tetep…..

  11. Somewhere in this video tan boon heong is missing..that guy got one of the most powerful smash in badminton..great video overall

  12. Dude I was around in the 1980s and I don’t remember video being that bad. The bad quality video is probably damaged tapes or poor choices when converting them digitally.

  13. Allthough his smash is not that powerful when it comes to pure speed. What makes his smash so dangerous is imo, that he places it very well and that he can so easily vary it into a very good dropshot, so you can never get to comfortable in your smash defense

  14. @Azza Azzi I feel like smashes are used very differently in doubles and singles, both in purpose and frequency.

  15. Oh, Japanese bro!

    Mr.Momota is my favorite player.
    i wanted to watch his games at Tokyo Olympic this year ,but the virus 🙁


  16. What tago said is correct though. It’s more difficult to return good placememt smash than a very strong smash. Strong smash without placement is easier to return. For example strong smash aimed at your body is easy to return, but an ordinary smash aimed at the armpit of your playing hand are more difficult to return.

  17. @Andry Yapilus That is true. Unless you are a professional player, there will always be a little bit of a tradeoff when it comes to placement and strength of a smash, and from my experience and what I learned from my coaches, in Singles you should focus a little more on placement (generally, not always of course) and in doubles, you should focus a little more on strength.

    Especially in Doubles, playing too slow smashes can be dangerous if the enemy defends well, whereas in Singles, as long as the smash is close to the line, the opponent will not have an easy defensive shot.

    Obviously this all depends on a lot more factors, e.g. the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent and yourself.

  18. Yes. That’s what i hate, my coach taught me to follow the same rules/technique. I won once in a local tourney but my coach got mad at me for changing my playstyle. So i quit. They won’t let me change the techniques. I am still training now, but under no coach .

  19. It was Liem Swie Ling who invented jumping smash, so it’s called King’s smash. In 21st century women player can do jumping smash as good as men.

  20. There’s no jumping smash from Park Jo Bong / Kim Moon Soo because their style playing looks like Cai Yun / Fu Haifeng 80’s end until 90’s early

  21. although it would be interesting to see some 80s fashion in today’s matches ngl 🤣🤣

  22. Chinese-Indonesians have been part of the glory of Indonesia badminton from the very beginning. Yes, they are some who proclaimed themselves as the ‘rightful owner’ of this land/country, but for the most part, we live peacefully among each others.

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