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  1. Just a question.. first three times, you turned back to the centre court in the same direction in which you reached the shuttle..fourth time, you did so by making a complete rotation.. either 3 out of 4 is wrong or 1 out of 4 is wrong.. decide yourself..

  2. 70% shuttle is out. Should improve accuracy.
    In backhand returns try to time it well. You should hit the shuttle after landing your racket leg, it helps generate more power.

  3. No need to skip on the backhand. Also can adjust the grip so no need to turn wrist too much between forehand and backhand. Good effort.

  4. The last drill should be a little bit faster… that’s what I’ve did in my recent practice…btw, nice footage of your training…keep it up

  5. The greatest genius of backhand smash is the legendary all time greatest Taufik Hidayat!

  6. 100 ÷ right. And: Food down first, then hit also means, that you can get to the next shuttle. because the way to the net is long.

  7. If i may suggest, spin your forearm while doing backhand, based on my observation you rely too much on wrist movement in generating power, wrist is obviously easier but wont generate enough power no matter how hard you try. Every strong backhand clear or smash got its power from forearm spin

  8. I dont know why? but i play this over and over again, i love to see her movement, it is hypnotizing

  9. All of these drills are pretty easy. Looks hard for non-badminton players of course.

  10. Nice. But in my opinion, the most elegant (and deadly) badminton backhand belongs to Ratchanak Intanon.

  11. But thts wht drills are supposed to be. They usually focus on the fundementals rather than it being hard. But still there are levels to it and they usually work their way up. But they still have to keep drilling their fundamentals.

  12. My coach would make me run laps everytime i hit one out the line after the drills….aaa good times

  13. Absolutely brilliant. Very skillful and powerful!! 💖😊🇿🇦💯🙏💪👏🎉

  14. I remember my 9th grade, I’ve never played badminton for a long time since my primary school. I’m a basketball player but I impressed my P.E teacher a lot when we did practical test where the whole class gets to play each other she’s watching me with awwe moments amd really likes my spikes, she asked me how long do I play badminton and I say occasionally like today since we are playing badminton. Then asked me to play with her and I almost beat her. I couldn’t beat her since she play in big tournaments in our town but she still asked me if I wanted to play for the school but I rejected it since I play basketball. I just want to share my story 😆😆😆 thanks for reading

  15. @eBic if u claim our culture i dont fcking care, but u claim people? Really? What if they see? Are u not ashamed of yourself? Go claim more

  16. I repeat it 3 time but little bit faster…and congrats Foong,now you are a queen of perfect pace

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