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Badminton : Proper Racket Grip in Badminton — 25 Comments

  1. Details explaination..i truly understand..huuhuu..thanXXX eHowSports…

  2. This is a great instruction video! its always important to develop strong fundamentals before trying any advanced shots (like the smash, which everyone wants to see and learn about on youtube it seems). The longer you go playing with improper grip, the harder it will be to learn the right grip, so always practise the correct technique!

  3. There are lots of video on youtube , I will suggest you guys to watch more videos on this topic and think of the theory of badminton before trying to practise any technique.
    A good fundamental is the key of badminton, think twice. Badminton should be easy and relax , not stress.

  4. So looks like the forehand grip is equivalent to tennis eastern forehand grip (maybe leaning towards continental) and backhand is the same as the backhand eastern grip with the slight thumb modification

  5. He would be better actually showing real shots being played and saying which grip he used to play the shots. It’s so hard to relate just to theory.

  6. Why do you grip it so high? Can’t you generate a higher racket head speed when you grip it lower?

  7. L. Gyger for the rear-court shots, yes, you should hold the grip lower, so you have a bigger lever and can therefore generate more power and angle on your shots, but in the mid court, I find it easier to hold it only slightly further up the racket from the bottom, so the racket feels lighter, and moves quicker, so I can respond to the drives and smashes easier. At the net I hold the racket even slightly further up than the mid court, for the same reasons, only then you have even less time to react to the shuttle, and so the length of your racket is less important, and your swings can be shorter and snappier to maximise racket head speed.

    This is mainly for doubles, as driving and killing shots is less likely for singles.

    I do not understand why this guy has been taught to hold the racket that far up. Seems stupid.

    Hope this helps 😉

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