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Badminton : Long Serve in Badminton — 32 Comments

  1. any tips on how to get a good long forehand serve that stays in? i always seem to go to deep (out), but if i reduce the power the serve is too easy for my opponent to return.

  2. The coach in this video also misses to mention (I guess he doesn’t know it himself either) that cannot stop in the middle of your swing once you start to serve. It has to be in one motion or it will be counted as fault.

  3. His pose is right but it’s better to hit the shuttlecocks at more upward angle because if you hit it at more forward angle, it’s likely you’ll get an out.

  4. That’s basic rules… everyone should know that
    He probably mentions it in a different video of his

  5. I have never seen a man stutter so much in my whole life. And I have Tourettes πŸ˜‚

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