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Badminton: HOW TO SMASH – FROM BEGINNER TO ADVANCED, bulutangkis — 52 Comments

  1. We would love to hear you opinion about creating videos like this! If you liked it, we would love to create similar content!
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  2. Very good vidéo. I Will really appreciate others videos like this in the future…very nice work!!!

  3. In general, it’s a good summary for a 6min video so great job :D, but I personally find it missing some information esp for advanced portion. So i hope i can add my 2c worth.

    1. When to tighten grip: many amateurs tend to death grip throughout the smash from step 1, but grip should be tightened fully only before impact. Entire body is to be relaxed until point of impact
    2. Face the shuttle sideways, i.e. body 90deg to the net. This allows hip rotation in the smash for more power
    3. Usage of shoulder: Smashing only with arm without incorporating shoulder loses alot of power. The shoulder is used when the deltoids are facing front at end of a smash, i.e. turning 180deg.
    4. Wrist is maintained neutral at all times, no need to curl the wrist during impact to generate more power.
    5. Engaging the pectorals when smashing for extra power. From archer position (opened pecs), engage pecs at moment impact to end with both arms closer to body (closed pecs)
    6. Engaging the core for more power by bending backwards slightly and/or shifting weight to rear foot at ready position then snapping forward at point of impact.
    7. Most importantly, point of shuttlecock impact: Highest contact point doesn’t mean shuttle is straight above. Contact of shuttle should be about one to two foot in front of the body, with arm about 20deg from the vertical.

    There are many more intricacies that one can only discover through more playing. #badmintonforever

  4. throwing my elbow out front is very hard since i can barely relax when playing. but that numbers marking 1-2-3 is very helping. thanks.

  5. An insightful video that I will take into account when playing. I definitely have a lot of training to do to get the muscle memory correct. In the heat of the moment I just revert to bad habits but hopefully through training and practice from your videos I can get better. I particularly liked your break downs of each action and focusing on one part before putting it all together. It helped me to understand the mechanics a bit better. I’ll also bear in mind the bow and arrow analogy as it makes a lot of sense when playing. You take aim, draw your bow back then fire! Thanks for another great video. 😄🎾🏹🔥

  6. You are welcome. We do our best to help you guys out 😉 It takes a lot of training to get used to this. You must stay aware on your focus, then you will improve faster. Take a look at our video how to learn fast 😀

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  7. We really hope, that people read all these comments. The comment section for this video have turned out to be absolutely amazing! 💪😍

  8. I can’t begin to explain just how helpful this video was for me! My smashes were not very powerful and were only effective like half the time, but I tried fixing up my technique using this video and it helped a lot!! This was fabulous 👏🏻 Can’t wait to show off my smashes at the next tournament 😂

  9. This video is amazing. I couldn’t watch a video and be certain of my smashes but after watching this I have new hope ;-;
    I have a tournament next week and I couldn’t smash but I have a better idea now thanks to this video.

  10. Smashes are not the shots that will always give points defending a smash is a lot easier than hitting one

  11. This video is powerful and very useful! I really liked the strategies to teach Badminton, there are precious tips in this video and in the video about the Top 10 trick shots made by you! Thank you!

  12. @Shuttle Life I have a question, so let’s say at 0:05, where the guy bends his elbow. Has his grip tighten at that moment or maybe begin to tighten in anticipation to hitting the birdie? Or is it really all the way relax until the impact at around 0:10? I have been having this dilemma since ages ago, but my guess is the latter is the correct one.

  13. You will have to hold the racket tight. But what matters is your ability to rotate the forearm + tighten the grip at impact. Take a look at our video: How to Hit a powerful smash. In that video we tried to measure each technique, in terms of swing speed 😎🚀

  14. Good video, sympathetic players, relaxed atmosphere (unlike among many good players in Germany 🙁 ) and helpful explanation of hitting and legwork.

    You may add the whole smash movement in slow motion as a plus.

    Weiter so! 🙂

  15. Shuttle Life i would like the gentleman to show us some power smashes, like all out!!! And also in slow motion.

    I thank you for making this video.. I did not know about the elbow importance. Marking 1 2 and 3 and being mindful of my elbow coming forward first b4 the forearm, very good. And also hitting the shuttle at its highest point. I will practice these.

    And the girl teacher is super cute : ) She didn’t jump smash though, maybe you can use shorts instead of the skirt, and then u can smash all out. I suggest this only because it’s a smash training video 🙂 I don’t need to comment on her attire – it goes without saying 🙂

    Thank you guys.

  16. Thank you so much in some days me and my friend are going on a turnament in our school and I can Play by miself and with my friend and I Will do Both so thank you allot this helps me ALOT

  17. 橙色衣服的男的挥拍的时候手肘往上不够贴近头部,导致引拍不够靠后,发力不充分

  18. I am a beginner, and it helped me a lot 8n learning smash and made me fall in love with badminton
    Thanks for this video. ❤❤❤❤…
    Keep posting videos ,they are really helpful. .

  19. I was tried Smashes lot of times. I thought it would right. But, now i can feel myself😅. I’ll change myself 😊

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