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Badminton Highlights – 2014 World Championships – MD Finals — 33 Comments

  1. I wont lie I came here to make fun of the sport and then I watched the video and thought….damnnn these guys are awesome.

    No way I could be able to keep up with the speed of what was going on..nice job.

  2. that volley fire is faster than the eye can follow; this is the human brain at its finest

  3. Can someone teach these guys how to play standing on the ground so that normal viewers can understand what’s going on!!! My goodness!!

  4. All you need is a glimpse of the shuttlecock and your brain calculates the rest, extremely fascinating! 

  5. Yes indeed im trying to learn  from these guys but how the smash and do there stuff is just to fast

  6. This is so awesome. I’ve never understood people who make fun of this sport. It’s so fascinating to watch the top athtletes and you learn so much just from watching this. 

  7. Actually, from that angle and watching it screen looks VERY much slower, than it really is! Like watching cars racing on TV. On court, the 3 dimensional vision on the shuttle is much worse (and every shot is disguised). Like you’r riding on the freeway at 200km/h and a bird appears 10m in front of your windscreen. That is the time you have to react…

    I think everyone who plays it knows the situation where you return 3 smashes within “a second” and only realize this 2 seconds later 🙂

    Badminton is awesome anyway!


  9. I’ve watched this over and over again, though I have my bias towards Lee & Yoo.. but Shin & Ko deserves this win 100%. Very well played from both pairs, such an excellent match.

  10. I was looking for some casual procrastination here, now I’m more exhausted than before watching! That was intense!

  11. I thought I’d watch this before I went to sleep and now I’m more awake than before.

  12. Weird, I came to watch some Badminton and ended up watching some sort of advanced jedi training.

  13. ruchittenme your comment pretty much sums up 99% of people who don’t know or ever seen badminton played professionally and yet still judge it saying it’s a “woman’s sport”

  14. I have never seen such display of athleticism, agility and all-round brilliance in any match, event or game of any other sport. This is awesome beyond measure! Period.

  15. 8:13 I have never seen that in my life…. How did Shin get the first one back??? Lee was on the service line!!!! WOW

  16. Ko sung hyun (the red side) are one of the best smasher, and lee yong dae (the blue one) is one of the finest player on defense.. and that can explain something on what happened.

  17. I swear i’ve never seen shin baek chol playing.. and this one is fire!! 🔥

    I would be surprised if this is not his best play in his entire career.

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