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Badminton : Basic Footwork for Badminton Beginners — 23 Comments

  1. very helpful.. i was struggling to figure out how some poeple move so elegantly.. now i hv seen this and got useful tips.. thanks coach

  2. Point to note, you should never cross your other foot in front of the other which could lead to you losing your balance or severely injuring yourself.

  3. Wish I could practise with compatriots like you since childhood to be good at badminton today. Thank you for the videos.

  4. You have got to lower your center of mass, get down in your knees and spread your legs more when doing this. I’m sorry but this is not very well coached.

  5. Sir , your tips are amazing . You have explained it in a very brilliant way .

  6. When I was little, I used to have great footwork. The biggest thing that held me back was my weak arms and lack of reaction speed. And now, after only playing against my very not-skilled classmates for a good six years, my footwork looks more like ballet than it does badminton. My ankle has become so used to my constant tipping and fumbling that I doubt I can twist it if I wanted to.

  7. We have individual practical with this footwork. I’m not good at memorizing 😭

  8. Thanks coach, it’s so useful. I’m really demotivated cos my opponent who’s better than me keeps trash talking. This should help me alot

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